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  • Elaine Benes - Cute Dog but Bored My Daughter Really Quickly

    It is an adorable dog and does exactly what the package says it does. It is definitely a cute product and destined to be a hit at Christmas time, but my 7 year old got bored of it really quickly. I regret purchasing it for that reason.

  • Mama Angel - But this is only the 2nd bottle I am using so I am not sure how it should smell like. It definitely different from the one I bou

    I used to buy this from Whole Foods but for convenience, I bought it online this time. The smell is different. It might be stored in a hot place and the oil has changed. But this is only the 2nd bottle I am using so I am not sure how it should smell like. It definitely different from the one I bought in store. Also it seems less effective as the 1st bottle I bought from store. Though, I threw away the packaging so I don't know if the contents are exactly the same. Though, I have been using it and it didn't give me issues or any allergic reactions nor dramatically improving my stretch marks. So I am rating it OK.

  • Amazon Customer - Buy It Every Year

    I buy this datebook every year. It's full of useful & entertaining information. I highly recommend this date book to any and all witches, pagans, Wiccans etc. It's a really good value as well.

  • Amazon Customer - at $29.99 its a great buy......

    Do not pay $69.99 plus a shipping fee of $12.99 for this product. I love this custard when used with Kinky Curly Knot Today conditioner. 5 stars....

  • JLFergerberger - POS Sufferers need to follow this book

    I read and followed this book and in a matter of less than 2 months my triglycerides went from 252 to 123!!! For those of you who don't know what that means....It's REALLY good!! Your Cholesterol can be fine but you can still have high triglycerides and that means trouble, it basically means you have too much fat in your blood. I maybe lost 16 pounds within a month's time but those numbers were what impressed me most. It is a sensible and easy concept to follow, nothing radical here just common sense and eating the right things the right way. They make it easy to understand so it was an easy read and it got right to the point. I particularly liked how they used real people cenarios to kind of get you to feel like "that's me", I really liked this book.

  • Carl W. Grubbs - My new Microsoft Publisher 2010

    Ever since purchasing my new computer that contained Microsoft Student, I had wished that I had paid the extra and gotten Microsoft Office. Finally, while doing some graphics for a class reunion, I purchased the remaining main component, Microsoft Publisher 2010. It does everything that I had hoped it would and it nestled right into my package so that it is available from every other Microsoft program. It is a wonderful addition and the price was actually less than I would have paid had I purchaced it in the beginning.

  • Ashlea - A few negatives

    This feels great on your face. The problems I experienced are the color dried more orange than my light skin tone which makes it very noticeable that I have product on my face. When not using a primer, fine lines were exposed in my laugh lines. I also have dry skin, and although I moisturized the product caked in my dry patches of skin :( the coverage is great and really does eliminate redness, just wish these few kinks were worked out, especially considering the price.