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  • WhiteFox42 - Great product. I recommend it.

    I needed a liver cleanse that I didn't have to fast for because I am a diabetic and on medications. This works for me. I recommend it.

  • Bluechip - Dont get sucked in

    I have been using quickbooks for 10 years. Dont get sucked in. forced updates at big cost every 3 years. I just bought my upgrade from quickbooks and now find they are selling it here for 60% of what they charged with the link they put on my computer. very disappointed. I recommend finding another software system if you havn't already been hooked.

  • GPSIIR - Avoid at all costs!

    I used a program called 3D Home Architect about 15 years ago to design the house I built and live in. When it came time to finish my basement, I had hoped that this evolution of that program would be even better. Instead, it is close to being the worst piece of software I have ever seen or used (and I've been a computer geek for over 35 years). It is anything but intuitive. I'll give just a couple of examples. The previous programs I've used, you merely had to identify which floor you were building, and the program would automatically make adjustments in wall types etc. There is no easy way to do this with this program. When you want to add EXTREMELY common items to the plan (such as placing an electrical sub-panel or bathroom sink), you simply opened up a well populated library of objects and grabbed the desired object on the plan. I tried to place a bathroom sink, but none of the bathroom sinks that are in the program come even close to resembling a normal bathroom sink. When I *finally* found an electrical subpanel and tried to place it on the plan, nothing happened, at least I didn't think it did. When I zoomed in 400%, I could see a tiny circle with an "e", which was suppose to be the electrical panel. If I can, I will be getting my money back.