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  • Shungite History - About Shungit Stone, Application Schungite - The Story of Shungite, Information About its Healing Properties, Protection From EMF, How to Make Schungite Water, Fullerenes and Other Applications of Shungit
  • Shungite Catalog Products - Crystals, Water, Pyramids, Pendants - Shungite Store is Online Shop for Shungite Products Provide Shungite Pyramid, Shungite Necklaces, Shungite Pendants, Shungite Water
  • Shungite Video From Our Channel on Shungit and Water Purification - Russian and foreign scientists are busy studying the unusual properties of shungite.
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  • Shungite Wholesale. Wholesale Price for Souvenirs and Raw Shungit - Wholesale. Wholesale Price for Souvenirs and Raw Shungit. We can arrange to deliver any volume of rough stone, souvenirs and tiles of shungite.
  • Shungite Blog About the Use of Shungit, Schungite Healing Mineral - Blog on the Application of Shungite in the Treatment, Protection from EMF of Schungite Room, Geopathic Stress.
  • Shungite Polished Pyramid 50x50mm. Buy a Pyramid of Shungit. - Polished Pyramid 50mm. Shungite Pyramid Large Protective Effect - it Dampens the Harmful Radiation From Objects and Negative Energy.
  • Shungite Bracelet The Black Pearl on Elastic Band. Shungit Stone. - Bracelet Shungite 'The Black Pearl' is a Stylish and Natural Jewel, Which are to Give the Final Touch.
  • Shungite Earrings The Black Pearl. Small Black Shungit Beads. - Shungite Earrings The Black Pearl. Shungite Earrings When Wearing Protect a Person From Electromagnetic Radiation and Geopathogenic, Align Energy.
  • Shungite 2 Polished Harmoniser Cylinder. Shungit Pharaoh Cylinder - Cylinders of Shungite Have a Beneficial Effect on Various Human Organs, as Well as Adjust the Energy Processes.
  • Shungite Sphere Polished 50mm. Buy Polished Shungit Ball 5 cm. - The Effect of the Beneficial Effects of the Spheres Shungite Easily Explained by the Close Ties Existing Between the Wrist and the Central Nervous System.
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  • Shungite EMF Protection Devices. Shungit Plate for Cell Phone - Protective shungit plate mobile phone - human protection from electromagnetic radiation. The plate on the cell phone, television.
  • Shungite Exclusive Product - Paint, Puck of Shungit, Whisky Stone - In This Topic we Offer Exclusive Products from Shungite, Souvenir Puck Sochi 2014, Paint Shungit It's Bactericidal, Conductive, Fire retardant.
  • Shungite Harmonizers, Pharaoh, Cylinders, Spheres, Discs Shungit - Cylinders-Harmonizers Shungit Used for Bioenergy Effects on the Body. One of the Minerals (Yin) - Shungite. The Second (Yan)
  • Shungite Balls and Eggs. Buy Spheres and Eggs Shungit and Stands - Catalog of Spheres, Eggs, Semisphere of Shungite, Steatite and Jade. Stand for Ball or Egg are Made of Shungit Stone.
  • Shungite Figurines and Statuettes for Home and Office Decoration - Shungite Figures - the Perfect Decoration for Offices and Homes. Images of Animals and Health Effects Shungit Stone.
  • Shungite for the Health - Shungit Pad, Mats and Massagers Pencils - Shungite Pads and Mats Used for Revitalizing and Preventive Purposes in Sciatica, Pain in the Joints and Pulling Pain in the Muscles.
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  • Rich - Surprised to see all of the mixed reviews!

    I purchased the original magicjack about 5 or 6 years ago. It worked fine 90% of the time but eliminating my $35 - $40/month phone bill was worth it. I recently upgraded to magicjack plus which has worked flawlessly 100% of the time and now I don't have to keep my computer on to use it. I love this thing and my girlfriend says I should be their spokesperson because I'm always touting it. It's too bad many others have not had such a good experience but it has worked great for me.

  • Cdusthockey - No brainer

    Have always used these filters on all my vehicles. Prices here were 5 bucks cheaper than my local parts store so this is a no brainer