Welcome to ShiftEV - Products for ultra efficiency vehicles such as Electrathon, Solar, Power Drive, Eco Marathon, Robotics and more. Other applications include human powered vehicles (HPV's), hovercraft, boats, salt flats and lake bed racers.

  • Contact - Contact details for SHIFT Electric Vehicles LLC, also known as SHIFT E.V. (Acquired Destiny Parts in 2013).
  • Small Vehicle Systems : Cyclone Body (freight billed separately) - Cyclone Body (freight billed separately) Small Vehicle Systems Manufactured to be lightweight, using an assortment of hand laid fiberglass.
  • Chargers & EVSE : JuiceBox 40Amp EVSE (Pro Version) - JuiceBox 40Amp EVSE (Pro Version) Chargers & EVSE JuiceBox Pro is our Wi-Fi connected, Smart 40A / 10 kW EVSE, with a 24-foot cable.
  • Wheels, Brakes, Tires : WHEEL 20 - WHEEL 20 Wheels, Brakes, Tires Wheel, alloy mag style, may be used for front or rear, with integrated drum brake.
  • Controllers & Inverters : Controller, ALLTRAX SPM, 24-48V, 300A - Controller, ALLTRAX SPM, 24-48V, 300A Controllers & Inverters Solid state Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) controller. Sophisticated yet simple and reliable. The drive style and user interface are like no other. Torque and Speed are graphically adjustable. You can re-curve the throttle response from buttery smooth to lightning fast.
  • Cable & Connectors : J1772 Connector (to vehicle) 75A 208-240V LEVEL 2 - J1772 Connector (to vehicle) 75A 208-240V LEVEL 2 Cable & Connectors Factory built handle and cable, 20ft long.
  •,-zilla-1000a-2000a-detail.html Controllers & Inverters : Controllers, Zilla 1000A & 2000A - Controllers, Zilla 1000A & 2000A Controllers & Inverters Controllers and Accessories for ZILLA Controllers, by Cafe Electric
  • Motors : NetGain Motors (freight billed separately) - NetGain Motors (freight billed separately) Motors All Motors and Accessories by NetGain Motors, Inc.
  •,-10amp-detail.html Chargers & EVSE : Charger, 10A single cell LiFePO4 - Charger, 10A single cell LiFePO4 Chargers & EVSE Charger for individual LiFePO4 cells (3.2V Nominal).
  • Small Vehicle Systems : ELECTRATHON Quick Start Kit - ELECTRATHON Quick Start Kit Small Vehicle Systems Building your own Electrathon frame and body? This kit includes all other major parts needed to assemble a high efficiency electric vehicle, quickly and afford-ably.
  •,-alltrax-24-48v,-300a-npx4834-0-5k-,-fuse-included-detail.html Controllers & Inverters : Controller, ALLTRAX 24-48V, 300A (NPX4834/0-5K), fuse included - Controller, ALLTRAX 24-48V, 300A (NPX4834/0-5K), fuse included Controllers & Inverters Solid state PWM, 0-5K input, Non-programmable, quick and easy set-up.
  • Small Vehicle Systems : SHIFT EV Pro Kit (freight billed separately) - SHIFT EV Pro Kit (freight billed separately) Small Vehicle Systems The most complete Electrathon kit available anywhere. Includes ALL components and instructions to assemble a high efficiency vehicle, except for some nuts and bolts.
  • Controllers & Inverters : Controller, Kelly 24-120V with REGEN - Controller, Kelly 24-120V with REGEN Controllers & Inverters KDZ12401 is a 24-120 Volt (nominal input), 400A (peak output) programmable DC controller with optional regenerative braking.
  • Controllers & Inverters : Controller, Alltrax 24-72V, 300A (AXE7234P/0-5K), Fuse included - Controller, Alltrax 24-72V, 300A (AXE7234P/0-5K), Fuse included Controllers & Inverters PROGRAMMABLE, 0-5k ohm throttle input, 1/2 speed reverse option.
  •,-pedals-linkage/twist-grip-throttle-input-detail.html Controls, Pedals & Linkage : Twist Grip (throttle input) - Twist Grip (throttle input) Controls, Pedals & Linkage Motorcycle-like twist handle style for controllers that use 0-5k ohm OR 5k-0 ohm ranges.
  •,-pedals-linkage/throttle-input-device-pot-box-detail.html Controls, Pedals & Linkage : Throttle input device, Pot-Box - Throttle input device, Pot-Box Controls, Pedals & Linkage Universal Potentiometer Box. Includes 0-5k ohm AND 5k-0 ohm inputs, and safety switch.
  •,-pedals-linkage/hepa-pedal-assembly-detail.html Controls, Pedals & Linkage : HEPA Pedal Assembly - HEPA Pedal Assembly Controls, Pedals & Linkage Hall Effect Pedal Assembly (HEPA) & wire for controllers that accept HEPA type input.

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