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  • Playstation Junkie! - The Last Smackdown Vs. Raw for PS2

    THQ has made this last series installment for the Playstation 2. But as to be expected THQ waters it down and some features are not available for this version. But I'm not complaining, at least we get one more PS2 title. Here are the games features and my verdict.

  • S. Shah - Best all around virus scan out there..period

    I've been a fan of Kaspersky's products for many years now and I've gotten all of my family members to use it. It was one of first virus scans to update multiple times a day instead of once per week as many products used to do. Nothing is fool proof however the heuristics utilized in this product are second to none in my opinion. Do your own research for "Virus Scan" reviews on Google (Filter by year!)

  • [email protected] - NutriBullet - Good Overall, But Extra Lids Leak

    I received my Nutri Bullet about 3 weeks ago and have used it twice a day with a variety of the smoothie recipes included with the product using both fresh and frozen produce and fruits. In all instances the Nutri Bullet quickly and efficiently extracts and blends the food into a smooth and tasty drink. I'm consuming vegetables and fruit now that I ate very little of in the past and I'm already experiencing more energy and less fatigue.

  • S. E. Barkley - Great Resource

    The Missing Manual simply has EVERYTHING. There is almost too much materials for a beginner who may have difficulty knowing where to look.

  • britmar12 - Finally, something that works.

    I have played around with SO many different shampoos and this is hands down the best in treating my dog's seborrhea (itchy, scaly skin, mild hair loss and the smell associated with it). I've tried Sebolux (what my vet recommended), Epi-Soothe, Chlorhexadine, and various other organic products I've found on amazon, but this stuff is the best. I use this in combination with fish oil chewables and emu oil spray for in between baths (both products I got on amazon) and his skin is finally starting to calm down and his thinning hair is coming back in. Hallelujah.

  • Victoria - Great Product

    This product saves my business about $400 on accounting fees each year. A small learning curve the first time you use it...after that super quick and easy. Make sure you save your TurboTax file for easy upload next year. Great product, highly recommend for S-Corps.

  • Mahesh Nagarajan - So far not a fan

    I used this soap for the first time tonight, so this review is based on only one use. First of all based on the description I thought I was ordering lavender scented shampoo, it is not, it is vanilla orange scent which I am not a big fan of. Now that I re-read all the text, I do see vanilla and orange mentioned in a different part of the description but GEESH why do I have to read an essay to find out what scent this baby shampoo is??