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  • Caroline Altmann - Loved the detailed

    Loved the detailed, thorough info and alternative perspective of this book. I consider it a must read for anyone who wishes to understand step by step (based on 1999 information) what is happening in your body to cause acid reflux. It was especially useful in discussing the consequences of using conventional medicine--a near relative has used conventional medicine and that person has the kidney, anemia, respiratory issues that Dr. Wright discusses. But some of the information is out of date and wish Jonathan Wright would write an update. His criticism of conventional medicine is spot on but the delivery of the criticism was too heavy handed for my taste--others may find that quite entertaining.

  • James - Fits perfectly and makes handly the tumbler a lot easier ...

    Fits perfectly and makes handly the tumbler a lot easier and a few of my friends have already order it...

  • cons54 - It works for me

    I wanted to pass on the good news. If I remember correctly, then I have purchased 2 bottles so far. The last bottle was purchased 6 months back. It's now clear that my nail has improved significantly. This medicine has two parts. The one to take under tounge does not suit me. I get body ache and I get a runny nose. So I don't use that. I just use the oil on my nail. ZetaCear, can you just sell the oil, without the homeopathic medicine to take under the tounge? I apply the oil a couple of times daily, if I remember to apply it at all. I admit that many days I forget to put the medicine. So bottomline, it's more than 6 months (probably 9 months, I have to check when I bought the first bottle), but it works. Thank you Zeta! But I am surprised at the price increase. It was in the twenties. In six months the price almost doubled? That's too much price increase. I condemn this. One star less.

  • anton2g - Works great on pee, poop, and vomit

    This really does a fantastic job at getting out pet messes. I have used it in almost every way imaginable. It has cleaned up pee, poop, vomit, and hairball messes. It has cleaned up after cats and after dogs. It has cleaned up messes on hardwood, laminate, carpets, and rugs/mats. I have not had any issues with any of these scenarios. Make sure to apply the product quickly to the mess and follow the instructions. Sometimes letting the product sit and work on the mess really helps. It can be tough to get out stains if they are already old. The quicker you get to the mess the better.

  • Poppy - super supplement

    If you haven't tried this, you should. This is the second time I've purchased this and I intend to use it for the rest of my life. Wrinkles have virtually disappeared, my face doesn't sag anymore and looks fuller. The wrinkles above my lip are less prominent, but still remain..I understand it's a woman thing. I take two in the morning on an empty stomach and I have a very sensitive stomach due to acid reflux and IBS and have never experienced any difficulty with this supplement. I give it a big thumbs up...IT WORKS and I love it

  • Jessica Young - Amazing

    This planner has changed my life!! I have ADD and get stressed out sometimes bc so many thoughts and plans and ideas run through my head, and I can't keep track of them all!! Not having a place to write them down made me feel like I didn't have any control. But when I finally received this agenda, ahh, I was so happy! First of all, there's so much space to write things. It's probably ideal for someone with no more than 4 or 5 classes and with smaller handwriting, like me. I never run our of room to write with this planner. It also is nice to relax and listen to the podcasts for my social justice course which are an hour long and just color in this book. It helps me focus well in lecture classes, too, so I don't pass out from sleepiness or boredom. There's also a space on the side for other notes. I usually write special plans for the day, like meetings, dates, or other special occasions. The other thing is that every page has Monday through Sunday, which works for me because I like to write down what needs to be done to prepare for Monday on Sunday. If you prefer a Sunday - Saturday format, maybe that will bother you. But I think it's perfect.

  • R. Wilson - I LOVE Cutco!

    THANK YOU, CUTCO! Here's my story: In 1957, I was 18 years old, just moved into an apartment and just started my first job. Soon after moving in, I bought a set of CUTCO knives and kitchen tools from a door-to-door salesman, paid for over 3 months with my first paychecks. Over the years several pieces were damaged, with handles burned or tips broken, and were in need of sharpening. In addition, I had lost my 2 favorite knives when household help threw them out by mistake. Now, 57 years later, I found out that I could call a number and have someone come to the house and sharpen the ones I had left. When he came, he did a great job, and then he sold me the 2 missing pieces. BUT, BEST OF ALL! He told me how to send the damaged pieces in for repair. Today, I received the box by return mail, and when I opened it, all 7 pieces had been replaced with brand new knives! CUTCO! I love you! Thank you!