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  • Cajun Callie - The line is unbelievably bad.

    Worx used to make a good line for this thing, but now it only produces useless junk. The new "free" line for life is much too light, fragile, and wraps itself around the spool every couple of minutes. Then you have to spend time digging it out, starting over, only to have it wrap around the spool again. Much to hard to use. Avoid this piece of trash.

  • Cadiz - I love these shoes

    I love these shoes, but only because I took the advice and ordered 1/2 size larger as other reviewers had indicated. They would have been too small otherwise.

  • Shelley M. - Wow, do I love this

    This thing is amazeballs. I tried it out on myself first, to make sure it wasn't going to suck my kids' brains out, and it was actually very gentle. I hook it up to my Dyson vacuum, and 5 seconds later, no more boogies in my baby's nose. I used a Nosefrida with my older son, and while I still use it when I don't want to take out the vacuum, it takes soooo much longer and doesn't do half the job the Baby Vac does.

  • Armin Berlin - Dr. Jason Theodosakis saved me from the wheelchair!

    18 years ago I had arthritis in my knees ... I thought I would end up in a wheelchair. Then I read the book "The Arthritis Cure" by Dr. Jason Theodosakis, took the Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate capsules he recommends - you can get them at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS and many other places. After about 3 months, my pain was gone and never came back! You can also check out , the website right now for free, but the book is top. For some, he recommends more, like Vitamin D3, hyaluronic acid, and other supplements. Just follow Dr. Theo's advice, he is the best. Many of his patients have left their wheelchairs and are riding their bikes, playing tennis and climbing mountains again ... his success rate is better than 80%. and I'm just wondering if the others who still feel pain and stiffness aren't following his advice strictly enough. Good luck! You can buy Dr. Theo's book at Amazon used for little money. One of the most useful books I have ever bought and read from cover to cover

  • Lisa Clark - Delicious

    I love this mushroom soup - it's really rich and tasty. However, my attempts to make it easier using the microwave have not had good results (multiple boilovers and lumps), so I recommend cooking it in a pan as the instructions state.

  • S. Ryland - How long...

    How long do you go on "just getting started" while relying on another job to pay your bills before you realize you're wasting your money, only making the diamonds richer?