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  • Scott Kramer MD - Voted Best Bay Area OBGyn - Selected by fellow physicians as one of the Best Doctors in America. Dr. Kramer an OBGyn is a leader in minimally invasive surgery. A four-time recipient of the Patient’s Choice Award, he has spent over 23 years providing comprehensive, contemporary and compassionate medical care to women.
  • Gyn Doctor Aetna Insurance - We accept Aetna, CIGNA, Hill Physicians, Blue Shield, Blue Cross, United Health Care, Health Net insurance
  • Healthy Women in the Know - 25 years experienced, Board Certified OBGyn, Dr. Scott Kramer writes on current topics that can improve your health
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery - Scott Kramer MD - Sought by women and referring physicians throughout the San Francisco Bay Area desiring Minimally Invasive Surgery. Over 24 years experience. UCSF Trained. You experience less pain, less cost, less lost income from missing work. Most importantly, you get back faster to activities that you enjoy.

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    It is awesome! My one year old loves it as much as my newborn, it holds up to 25 lbs and my daughter is 23 and it works perfectly fine with her! My son loves it as well, I would recommend getting the newborn insert though. It does sit a little funny so until there a little longer then tend to fall to deep into it

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    I did my master bath vanity top with this product several months ago. The product is great, and the surface still looks just like it did when I finished it. It is a tremendous improvement over the previous laminate that came with the house. Another reviewer mentioned problems with the topcoat going cloudy and bubbling up from standing water. I have not had that experience at all. I don't have constant water on my vanity, but I generally don't bother to dry up day to day splashes. I was thorough when applying silicone caulk around the edges of my sink, so no water is getting underneath the topcoat. Getting water underneath the top coat will definitely ruin the finish. (I am not implying that the other reviewer failed to caulk properly; it could have been a a bad batch of topcoat.)

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