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  • Stinky Pete - Sadly didn't work for me.

    I am Type 2 diabetic with PCOS that took this supplement religiously for over a year and had no noticeable "results" from this product. So sorry if that disappoints anyone....but that was my experience. On the positive, no negative side effects either........but my cycle remained the same (virtually non-existant) and I still never conceived again (I have one older son that I conceived naturally). Could just be "me", my age, and my weird body and all it's "issues", so I sincerely hope it works for others. Best wishes and good luck to those TTC with this.

  • Fred in Fresno - well built

    I have a new great niece and she will absolutely love this. It is soft, cute, and it talks and sings. I am sure this will be her favorite toy in no time at all. I cannot wait to give it to her. This unit is well built and colorful to attract the attention of small kids. The recommended age is 6 months, so it will be a little bit before she can play with it. Even though I received this unit at a discount in exchange for an honest review, I am very happy with the rabbit and I am sure my great niece will love it too.

  • Amazon Customer - I really do like this product

    I really do like this product! If you are scared of feeling jittery make sure to take it with food, and start off with only one pill a day. It definitely is helping me stay thin, and I am seeing a difference in my waistline as well as how I look. I workout every day and maintain a vegan diet, so I would definitely say that you need to be healthy and active to see results. I would give it a try, the only thing I don't like about the product is taking caffeine everyday, but I know it aids in the fat burn. I have pretty high anxiety, so if you're scared to take a fat burner, I honestly recommend this one, I feel completely fine on this one, as long as I eat, and stay hydrated!

  • Jennifer L. Blackmer - Haan floor Steam cleaner

    Love this steam cleaner. I previously had the lysol steamer which is good for spot mopping but not very durable or for serious cleaning. I also have used several models of the shark steamer which is better than the lysol steamer but the Haan floor steamer is by far the best. It has a number of attachments so it is more versatile than other floor steamers and can be used on more than just floors. It also has a much hotter steam output and disinfects things with less time. It takes only 1 second to sanitize with a haan while the shark takes about 60 seconds. If your willing to invest a little more money on your steamer and get a much better quality product that can be used as a hand held with attachments or a floor steamer than this is definitely the best choice compared to any current steamer on the market today. I'm seriously sold. I also use this on the job as a professional housekeeper and organizer and it is GREAT!

  • Todd Loveless - you will be very frustrated and disappointed. I did a factory reboot and now the ...

    It is not user friendly, it is difficult to use. The remote control does not work well, often you have to use a keyboard to clear messages from the screen that you cannot select with the remote control. You will spend hours on the internet trying to understand how to use this Kodi Element. The system and setting menus are confusing and not self explaining. There is lots of information about using it because it is so difficult to use and has lots of problems. Unless you are very tech, you will be very frustrated and disappointed. I did a factory reboot and now the audio doesn't work.

  • lghudson - VERY INTRIGUING!

    Erica Sparks is back and more inquisitive than ever as she is following the Campaign Trail for the Presidential election. The beginning of the novel is shrouded in a horrific act of terror that is witnessed firsthand by Erica as well as many other innocent bystanders. She is able to observe one of the candidates' responses/reactions as the terror unfolds right in front of him and his wife. Erica begins to formulate some opinions that she will continue to research and seek validation on as to whether or not she is on the right track or simply grasping at straws. As the novel continues, Erica comes to discover many things - about being a Mother, her daughter, her friends, her fiancé, making new friends, dealing with her past, what is ultimately important to her and just what THE STORY is worth. Wiehl certainly gives you much to ponder in this novel. From the moment you start the first page until you finish the last, you really can't help but wonder, "What if ... ?" I would rate it at 4.5 due to one part I found way too implausible (no spoiler here) but it is a really great read otherwise. The whole Chinese "mind control" tactics remind me we're but a generation away from people being able to testify that went on/happens! I want to thank Netgalley and Thomas Nelson for the review copy provided. I was not required to write a review and the thoughts expressed are my own.