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  • P. Cooke - Works Great - but read the fine print!

    MagicJack product arrived very timely, faster than I was expecting. Instructions were sparse, as was packaging, so I was a little worried. The piece parts were all there and instructions were fine. However, I hit a glitch and used the chat option to resolve. This worked great, didn't take long and I was up and running. I transferred my current number, which takes a few days. You still can make outgoing calls.

  • C. Reinders II - A Concept Album of Epic Proportions

    Aside from the quintessential 'Dark Side of the Moon' album, Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' is an iconic masterpiece, Being a concept album, The Wall has a mix of irony (Waters wrote it in response to the press's criticism that the band was boorish) and subtext that is not as obvious as other concept albums.

  • JR 888 - Not bad

    Well, it makes beer. I didn't care for the flavor of either kit brew that this one came with, but the product works as described, and is very simple. If you use the sucrose tabs for carbonation, you will need to gently invert the bottles a few times after they fully dissolve to ensure that it is mixed properly, and carbonates fully.

  • Pearlie - Great content but lousy Kindle Fire implementation

    No complaint about this version of the Bible, it is exactly what I wanted. If you just want to read a section or do continuous reading, like any Kindle book, it is OK. However, if you want to be able to move around between books and/or chapters while reading it is very difficult to do. Apparently this version is designed for the standard Kindle to enable the reader to move around quickly, but this capability is not there for the Kindle Fire. It is no substitute for the hard copy when doing research type reading.

  • Mario M. Dagostino - This book predicted the election outcome - must read.

    This book was and is a great read. If you get through the whole book there is an action plan we can take as individual citizens within our community. The time has come to search our hearts. A must read for anyone that wants to know the real truth of what is going on in Washington.

  • Nati - Works well

    I have a Vista stroller and was wondering about getting this organizer, but it's worth the $$. Whenever I'd get a drink, I'd have no where to put my cell (and I like to have it out vs in my purse, where I can't hear it). This works really well even with the cup holder still attached on the side.