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  • nyrxman - Very impressed with the Securifi Almond

    The Almond did the trick for me. I am basically using it as a WiFi Extender, but because I was using it with an ethernet cable into the wall, it was a bit more difficult than advertised (3 minutes). However, I called the tech support number, and they could not have been more helpful. The person talked me through the setup as an access point, which they tell me is even better than simply a "wifi extender." I have a Time Warner Cable modem (phone + Internet) and it worked just fine without disturbing my other direct-wired CAT5 connections through the house. The TWC combo modem is in my basement and the signal just barely reached the second floor living space. Now there is absolutely no problem with every WiFi device showing a very strong reception signal on the second floor. What really impressed me was the patience of the company's technician in helping me set it up. While I am certainly not a techie, I do have a very good understanding of these things. He talked me through it and it is working perfectly. I would not hesitate to do business with this company again.

  • Ima Rascal - Powerful little backup.

    Pretty powerful little gun. nice to have on hand when your main guns run out or when you need a backup weapon. This little gun sends out darts at a pretty powerful rate. Always wear eye protection when playing with these toys.

  • candlelover - Not worth it

    This book is only useful for the strategies. Lacks content and the practice questions at the end of each chapter are too easy. Not worth buying. Strageties can be found online.

  • Miss D - Bluetooth added to my car

    I was looking for a device that enabled me to take advantage of my pebble (smart watch) to change music. My car has an auxiliary port for me to connect my iPhone to listen to music. The problem with that is I would have to look at my phone to change music. Now with the Aukey Bluetooth adapter. I am able to use my pebble to change music without being distracted from driving. This little device has surprisingly good audio. I have not had any issues from this device so far. It is perfect for my car. A minor issue I had was the blue light indicator is on the button you use to turn off or on the device so it's hard to tell when your device turned on or off while you are pressing the button down. Other than that I would recommend this device to everyone who needs a Bluetooth adapter.

  • Tenna Baedke - great book

    Great to deal with will buy exact part I needed for the software use would recommend this business again for others.