Tell Cancer Where To Shove It - Ah, you know. Just a 24 year old letting cancer know who it's messing with. Spoonie with a side of chronic migraine/status migrainosus and fibromyalgia. Officially kicked Hodgkin's Lymphoma where it...

  • Tell Cancer Where To Shove It, Updates - Updates Sorry for the lack of posts, kids. I guess I never understood exactly how much chronic illness would affect me. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m much more active on the Twitter scene....
  • Tell Cancer Where To Shove It, So hey [an update] - So hey [an update] I have not walked off the face of the planet. I usually stay fairly active on Twitter (@screamingtrex for personal, @fightwithspoons for my semi-anon spoonie account), so if you’re...
  • Tell Cancer Where To Shove It, electricsexdoll: I’m such a “Look at the moon!”... - electricsexdoll: “I’m such a “Look at the moon!” person. ”
  • Tell Cancer Where To Shove It, It’s been a long day without you my friends... - It’s been a long day without you my friends... Sorry I’ve been off the grid for awhile. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I haven’t kicked off, just been sickly/busy/emotionally askew. Chronic...
  • Tell Cancer Where To Shove It, Part 1: Appts from Hell - Part 1: Appts from Hell This is my first real health update in awhile, so bear with me. I have been diagnosed with status migrainosus and chronic migraine. I’ve not had much relief from these...

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  • Allison Abbey - I absolutely LOVE my Weathertech floor liners

    I absolutely LOVE my Weathertech floor liners. They have been in my 2016 Ford Escape for 5 months now and I have had no issues with them. Once a month I usually take them out and hose them off. I leave them in the sun to dry, which could leave some visible water marks if you have hard water. The driver front mat stays in place very nicely, and comes up about half way on the foot rest. It locks securely to the factory floor mat holder by pressing down on the circles. I have not had any problems with dirt, grass, or pet hair getting underneath the mat. The back seat floor liners are attached in the middle and are one solid piece. I have found that this fits nicely as well and does not shift or warp if heavy items are placed on it for a length of time. I would recommend taking these out of the packaging immediately and letting them sit out in the sun for several hours. This will help them to lay flat before putting in your car. When they arrived, they were slightly bent out of shape, but leaving them in the sun did the trick quickly. I cannot say enough great things about this product, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their floor clean!

  • Christine Villarino - Checkbook Register

    These checkbook registers give me control over my bank account. The booklets have gray and white lines and have divisions for check numbers, dates, transaction description, payments/fees/withdrawal and deposit/credit and running sums. I prefer to keep control of my financial transactions although many people find it convenient to do electronic transactions. I sleep better knowing that I have total control over my account on paper. The idea that somebody can clean out my meager income does not suit me. Ergo, I hope there is always a company out there who will print checks and registers.

  • Love2Cruise - Nice meal for mice!

    I purchased 3 boxes of these for my 40' travel trailer; after reading the great reviews on here and from other RV websites. I placed exactly as recommended by manufacturer and when I returned 4 weeks later I had 8 chewed thru opened packets with the insides everywhere. They were useless and the smell is so bad humans are deterred but obviously not mice. I would not recommend!!

  • Melody - I got this oil for my partner who absolutely love it. His beard was constantly very dry and ...

    I got this oil for my partner who absolutely love it. His beard was constantly very dry and I can imagine wasn't very comfortable. I'm sure most of you know what it's like to have a dry beard just skin your skin and it definitely hurts. He saw this and immediately knew it would be the fix! The oil left his beard much softer and easier to manage.

  • J. A. Utah - makes me feel weird when i take it

    makes me feel weird. i didn't see any increase, but i sure has alot more spit production . my head would pound sometimes while taking this too. i wouldn't recommend this.

  • Bkbooye - Didn't fit properly and frustrating to install

    The rack are solid but the instructions are lacking in detail and require some improvising to install. The biggest reason why i gave this a bad review was the holes for the bolts were slightly off and the bolts were not able to fit. It was really frustrating trying to make it work I had to drill out bigger hols on the brackets to make it fit. Even after the i got the bolts on i had to really man handle it to get it on. Unless this company fixes the hole alignment Its totally worth the extra few buck to buy the factory rails from Honda.

  • wicki wacki - Love it

    this product is great. the scent is very mild which i love and it works wonderfully. i've been using this product since baby was born (10 mths now)and she has never gotten a rash