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  • janicella57 - only option for a river knife

    If you want a knife that attaches to your PFD then NRS is your only option. It has a good design and works well but the quality of the blade is definitely lacking. My brother is a raft guide and has the same one and loves it. If you are looking for higher quality maybe try the titanium one.

  • Olga Garcia - Great deal for the price!

    Awesome for small meals! Tips: DO NOT use dishwasher, turns them dull. Consider hand washing them. Lids only fit pots, not frying pans. Prolong longevity of the product by staying away from abrasive pads, metal utensils. Considerably healthier eating since they are non-stick, this eliminates the unnecessary usage of oils, and fatty ingredients. :) ENJOY!!

  • Albri1Home - Amazing stuff!

    I found the product on Google when trying to see how to fix a leak in our hot tub. I was skeptical but I tried it. I'll be damned it works!!! Make sure you watch some of the YouTube videos on how to best use it.

  • Mary Foster - Razor bump and ingrown hair

    Thank you. I have received the Razor Bump and Ingrown Hair formula. I am so far seeing a big difference in my skin changes. It definitely is working on the ingrown hairs. Hopefully it will start working on the bumps soon, but even the bumps are starting to be fewer in numbers.

  • Dee Jay - Fantastic!!!!

    Just finished reading this last night. I read it in one sitting because I just could not put it down. I had to keep reading to find what really happened to the baby. The story kept turning and twisting so you had no idea who was responsible for the baby disappearing. Even after you found out who was quilty, there were even more turns and twists. It was non-stop suspense. The very ending was pretty much a surprise. After everything seemed to have been worked out--yet an ending twist!!! I can't wait for more from this author-I'll be the first in line.