Infection Control, First Aid, Compliance - Safetec of America - Infection control and first aid product and packaging manufacturer that helps keep workers safe from cross-contamination of infectious disease.

  • Pandemic, Infection Control, First Aid and Compliance Products - Safetec of America - Safetec of America offers pandemic, infection control, first aid and compliance products to fit your needs. Custom kits available upon request.
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  • OSHA Compliance | Universal Precautions | Safetec of America - OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforces safety and health regulations to ensure employees work in hazard free environments.
  • ANSI Compliance | Prevent Infection - Safetec of America - Are you ANSI Compliant? Call Safetec if you need products in your facility to help prevent infection or need personal protection kits for you staff.
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  • Artwork Guidelines - Safetec of America - Safetec believes a better understanding of our prepress and printing processes reduces the need for expensive changes at the prepress stage.
  • Safetec of America - Infection & First Aid Compliance Products - Working smarter, not harder. Our focus is on you. Safetec of America, Inc. is a full-service product and packaging manufacturer, established in 1991
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