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  • Amazon Customer - Within only 4 days my face had gotten blotchy rough ...

    Within only 4 days my face had gotten blotchy rough patches of skin. These areas were also tight and sore. I always use joboia oil to moisturize my skin but nothing helped the dryness. Sadly, I had to stop using the project. My skin is sensitive I know this, but I just thought I woukd give Acne. Org a try. I am hoping I can send the product for a refund.

  • Gill - Get the G100 NOT this one

    My friend has the G100 (seltzer bottle is more free standing) and I was impressed. When I went to the store, I got this model figuring I'd save a few dollars. When I got it home and set it up, the design is just bad. When you go to get the bottle out, you have to jimmy it and seltzer gets everywhere.

  • Bruno Ormenese Magna - Great Sunglasses

    Great Sunglasses. I always wanted to have a RayBan, specially the aviator model. There is not too much to say about a rayban... it products are really great. Even though the product description at Amazon says that lenses are not polarized, they are actually polarized lenses which is really nice. (product description needs to be fixed)

  • 2886 - It's a good buy for the money

    Recently received this as my other projector fan stopped working so far this one hasn't given me any problems. It's a good buy for the money. I highly recommend this product. Was not paid to write or type this review.

  • Adam T. - Fits perfectly and is not too bulky.

    I bought this after dropping and shattering my S7 once. This case is not as bulky as it looks and fits perfectly. The price makes it a good option compared to other expensive cases. I would recommend this others who want to protect their phones while not having to spend too much.

  • Amazon Customer - Great software

    New features make it easier to use then the older version of publisher. Not sure why they couldn't email the key card. Did have to wait for it in mail which was waste of there money.