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  • Yvonne B - on my 3rd jar - works well to reduce hot ...

    on my 3rd jar - works well to reduce hot flashes - if you goggle the product there are more application instructions that may be helpful.

  • mackenzie - DONT TRY IT

    DIDNT WORK AT ALL. I run daily, around 6-10 miles, and this product made me gain weight exponentially. I stuck with it through day 19 and then quit before any more damage could be done.

  • Kevin G. - Good stuff

    My skin is pretty even and clear, not excessively oily and I've never had acne, but I'm prone to the occasional skin "condition". Aside from the odd pimple here and there, out of nowhere I'll get wicked break-outs all over over my face that last for days and I really have no idea what causes them. Even with different soaps or detergents or whatever I still have it happen a couple times a year and it seems like there's nothing I can really do about it.

  • alunsford - Too invasive

    When Avast updated last time it literally took over my computer!!! I had to go in and disable most aspects to get just the coverage I wanted. I am a college professor and could not even get to the educational sites I usually use. When my subscription is up I will not renew.