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  • DanMan - Worth Every Penny

    For 399, you can't go wrong. This has become the centerpiece of my entertainment center. All of my blu-rays get played through it; Verizon's Redbox Instant, and Amazon Instant Video services are great; and I use the NHL App to stream live hockey games almost daily. The last movie I rented streamed at 1080p and 5.1 digital audio without a hiccup. The gaming graphics give my 2500 dollar custom PC I built a run for its money thanks to the massive amount of dedicated video RAM; my PC actually has less. Every game will likely be 1080p. I can't wait to try the remastered The Last of Us!! It runs at about 1/3 the temperature of PS3. The only real gripe I have is the required PS+ subscription to play online (only 49.99 per year, though, which is less than 5 a month).

  • Jeannine Sowers - Allergic reaction?

    Has anyone else gotten hives, red splotches or itching from this product? Cannot use on neck/decollette area at all, and then suddenly my face and chin line started reacting as well. Disappointed but afraid to try again. Definitely don't put near forehead area. My skin felt like it had been burned.

  • SaltLakeBrave - Fantastic

    One of the all time greatest rock songs ever. Written and performed by one of the most underrated British rock bands

  • Becky Tamaki - Worked for me

    As a sleep deprived mother of a 2 month old and a 3 year old who also suffers from a genetic history of Slavic decent (tendency towards bags and dark circles) I had a great need to freshen up the area around my eyes before returning to work from maternity leave. The first time I put it on I noticed an improvement right away. Was kind of leery after reading some of the impassioned negative reviews but decided to try it because of the positive ones. I experienced mild burning when applying it but noticed it was worse when I applied too much and rubbed it in hard. Seriously you don't need much and just let it soak in to the top layer of skin where it is supposed to do its thing. I use it after a gentle cleaner and before a calming moisturizer (I have sensitive skin). It is not magic. I do not think it will completely eliminate heavy bags or long standing wrinkles but I believe it can help reduce them from my experiences and if it is going to work you will probably know right off the bat.

  • Joseph Ganakos - A Classic Look at a Great Price

    I've worn Ray-Ban sunglasses dating back to my junior high school days when the original Miami Vice drove me to purchase several pair of Wayfarers. These aviators (black 58mm) are a perfect fit without being oversized and have the quality I've come to expect from Ray--Ban. I prefer the non-polarized for driving and the sturdy case and cleaning cloth it arrived with keep it safe and secure when I travel. These are authentic (I did purchase directly from Amazon rather than a secondary vendor) and I'm very happy with both the purchase price and the quality of product.

  • G. Beatty - Test a small area.

    People. Why are you doing the whole floor at once? The instructions clearly say to test on a small area.