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  • Drexel Lake - Nissan Pathfinder 216K miles

    I have small leak of about 5-6 drops per week but it was messing up my driveway so I added a quart of this with Valvoline High Miles oil and the leak stop within a couple of days. I had the timing belt replaced which caused a oil and gunk build-up to be removed around the front seal and it started to leak again but about 5 drops per day after driving. I added another quart during an oil changed and it stopped within a week. Those that say engine additives don't work are full of it. Even mechanics recommend this.

  • Edwin Santana - Could have been great if it actually worked!

    Its funny. The samplitude pro demo program that retails for $700+ works perfectly fine and is made by the same company. Music maker can barely run for 5 minutes without crashing! The program is so feature rich and I would love to use it as my main DAW but it is unreliable at best. My computer is a full xeon class workstation with 32gb ram and quadro graphics and dedicated sound. The program has no reason to crash and glitch and fail to load audio or recordings. Its like they purposely crippled music maker to push their higher end products. Do yourself a favor and don't waste money like I did on this junk program. It has potential but should have never been released in this buggy state. I've tried it on 3 other computers with the same results. It doesn't matter if its on windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 or vista. The program will glitch and will crash especially after recording something great. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  • Kevin Osborn - A lot of good and some bad. Hard to provide 1 rating.

    Background: I installed Quicken 2014 Premier over a month ago as an upgrade from Q2011 Premier and have been using Quicken since the 1990s. I waited for about 5 weeks to write this review so I could go through all my typical transactions and write a thorough review instead of just ripping Inuit a new one like so many reviews on here. I urge you to read reviews and not just look at the "star rating" because some of these reviews are by people who haven't even used Q2014.

  • SlackerChick - 100 percent right on shippung materials.

    There really is not much to say about vitamins. I mean the flavor was ok, but tgey are vitamins they should not taste like candy. However, I was extremely imressed with the shipping packages. There were ice packes in the boxes to the gummies from melting together.

  • Amazon Customer - DANGER. DO NOT BUY

    DO NOT TAKE. This drug is not approved by the FDA, which should've been the first warning sign. I bought this hoping it would speed up my fat loss during workouts, but, it did damage. I woke up at 7am, made breakfast and took the pill shortly after I was finished eating. It is now 2:15am the NEXT MORNING and I can not sleep, I have felt nauseous since I took the pill, felt anxious, my resting heart rate was above 80 when normally for me it's around 67, and my chest has been very tight. Please do not risk your health by taking this product. Consult your doctor before considering any type of Pre-Workout or workout supplement. There is a reason they ask you to do that!!! Don't waste your money and don't risk your life on this.

  • Eldenida Caceres ID - Amazing product, works fast!

    I was search for a new product which would help minimize my lines of expression & i found this product which contains the natural formula of Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea if you are in to beauty product you probably hear of all the mirecles this product does on you skin. I have all of these product and I use Aloe Vera as a healing element when i get burn, as a face wash because it has antibacterial property, prevents break out and it is great for sensitive skin. There so many other things that it could be used for. Witch Hazel i own a toner it helps me minize my pores and it leaves my face refreshing. I have a bottle of Jojoba Oil I use it before going to sleep, it does not leave my skin oily, it has help me with breakouts a lot, It also leaves my hair looking shinning and healthy. Green Tea amazing product contains disinfecting properties helps for really bad break outs it is kind of strong so it is recommended to put on small amount. All theses great products combine makes the perfect combination for a healthy skin, minimizing wrinkles.

  • Shauntel G. - It's so simple, don't make it hard!

    Initially I left a horrible review. I'm not ashamed to retract and admit it was my "User error". I mixed and matched with Wemo light switch and didn't realize I choose a less expensive TP Link outlet plug. I tried connecting it via Wemo app periodically for 2 days with no sucess. I decided to write a bad review and return it. I began looking for a different brand when I realized the price difference between Wemo and this tp link. It hit me I did pay the lesser of the two, I mixed the two product brands! Duh!!! Immediately I went on YouTube , viewed the directions and set this up in 5 minutes. I linked it to my network and my Alexa. The easiest thing I've ever done. I purchased this for my young son who was scared to go to the bathroom at night because of the dark. He would wake my wife and I up at night to escort him to the restroom. That started getting old quick. Now he tells Alexa to turn on the lights; no longer afraid and goes on his own. This is an awesome product and made me feel like a great Dad. As a young child I too was afraid of the dark, sometimes still am, lol. My father use to scold me, " be a man, there are no monsters". I didn't want to take any chances, so like many kids, I suffered some nights holding it in. As parents, I feel we must be more understanding and not unintentionally traumatize our children by becoming an unsympathetic monster. I am so great full we have this technology. I hope to make my entire house "Smart". This is the way of the future, embrace it! I highly recommend this product.