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  • alejandra - I love it!!!!!

    First of all, i bought this almost 2 years ago, and now i can say how it worked. Im a brunet skin, and i had very Very hairy legs. I had a lot of questions about this product but reading some reviews i finally got it. My first time using it was amazing, since i knew that it wasn't going to work instantly, i waited pacient for 2 weeks to have my second time. After the sencond time using it i saw results.. so i got even more excited.. so i did it very responsably for 3 months, using it every 2 weeks. The initial cartridge lasted for about 2 months.. then i realiced that the cartridges leasts for 3 and a half sessions (half leg, bikini and underarms) very good... then I stopped using it, and results leasted for about 6 months.. i mean, is not 100% perfect, but before I got it, I was shaving my legs daily (sometimes 2 times per day to keep it smooth).. with the IPL treatment, im shaving once every 10 days, and just because i have some rebel hairs that refuses to go, but the thikness of the little hairs remaining are about 20% of the real hair. I stopped using it for 6 to 8 months, and hairs never came the same as the used to be, it was like 70% of what the used to, so i ordered more cartidges, and started again... for my suprise, it took me just 3 sessions (month and a half) to be with no hairs. there are some spaces that never came back :) then I stopped again for 6 months, and i just did it again 2 months ago and im still supriced... this time i can say it took off about 95% of my hairs. so, if you keep it constant, trust me, this is the best depilation device i ever had. I tried before with EVERYTHING I found for hair removal.. dont waste your money and your time with wax or the worse depilator machines, this is the best inverse ever... and i still have 3 cartridges left from the ones i bought about a year ago, for me, they just worked as described, and better. Thumbs up for Remington.

  • Paolo & Francesca - Unconventional Journeys, Dark and Dangerous Places

    I have not read this series from other years but this collection kept me entertained all winter. These are thoughtful, literary, haunting essays that illuminate the spirit of the places the writers traveled to. They reveal the history, struggles, and humanity of people in a particular place in time. The collection would be excellent for those interested in learning to write travel writing or teaching travel writing, as it offers a variety of literary approaches that gets beyond “what I did in Italy last summer.” My favorites are:

  • phlrkl - ... preferable to those magnetic stick--on boxes which can be easily dislodged, or worse

    much preferable to those magnetic stick--on boxes which can be easily dislodged, or worse, found by someone else who then has access to your vehicle. this is secured to your vehicle and is locked in place; great to prevent accidental lock-outs