Biotecnología Vegetal - Biotecnología vegetal, revista científica editada por el Instituto de Biotecnología de las Plantas

Country:, North America, CU

City: -78.3361 Provincia de Camagueey, Cuba

  • TammieB - While I did find this book very helpful overall, ...

    While I did find this book very helpful overall, I was stunned by the number of errors in it. A guidebook that is designed to help you pass an important entrance exam should be error-free - let alone should not have multiple and sometimes grievous errors! In addition to many, many grammatical errors, the section of the reproductive system included a paragraph describing how a zygote implants itself into the endometrium of the vulva!!! I've never known a zygote to grow there...

  • nick - Horrible, painful movie to watch

    I can't believe that my husband and I sat and watched even half of this movie. The acting is some of the worst I have seen and the scene where the man fell when the earth split apart was such a joke. The movie kept jumping back and forth to San Diego and about 5 cities in Mexico and the times were not in sequence. This was by far the worst movie I have seen in many years and we watch a lot of movies of many different genres. It was painful to watch some of the acting. I felt sorry for the actors making themselves look so bad. Then again, I don't, because they subjected themselves to acting in this movie and were paid on top of it. Unfortunately, another movie, The Apocalypse, by Faith Films was included with this movie and it was just as bad, if not worse. We watched less than 5 minutes of it and had to take it out of the DVD player it stunk so bad. I would not recommend either of these movies to anyone. I feel guilty for donating them to the Goodwill Store, but I don't want them part of my DVD collection. They stink!