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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Edward Pawlus - It's great software for a small business

    It's great software for a small business. Stick with the program to do your payroll and will file your quarterlies... no CPA required. Just wish they had some competition, not thrilled about customer service and support.

  • Chuck D - Good for awhile

    I used this product off and on for a year and was v satisfied and with diet and exercise it helped me lose weight and be nourished but about 2 months ago it started causing stomach upset and the taste seemed off (always vanilla) It didn't look like they changed ingredient list and to be fair I did not contact manufacture as I thought my system had a problem with it . I instead found a replacement at vitamin shoppe

  • J. Bell - I like the product

    I'm a female that uses this for miid thinning on the top of my head. I am very pleased with it and on the occasion when I want to part my hair down the middle this product allows me to do it. I have fine hair and use hairspray to help hold my hair into place and for me, I find it works best to use the product after using hairspray. I shake it over the thinning area to cover and very gently pat the area to set the fibers. If you do spray the area, make sure it's a fine mist spray and to not do it too close.

  • Drea - beautiful hair, but it tends to dry out very ...

    I bought this product after seeing it on youtube. My daughter has very long, thick, beautiful hair, but it tends to dry out very easily. I have always been old-school and used pink lotion on my hair, but it did not work for hers. This product really seals the moisture in her hair. I applied the product after washing, air drying, and detangling her hair and then sectioned her hair into individual twists. She has had the twists in her hair for almost a week and a half and her hair is still shiny. Plus it smells amazing, my daughter says it smells like cupcakes!