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  • Amazon Customer - Dangerous for your baby.

    Don't ever try this!!! Don't buy it! !!! Normally I don't write review but I was so disappointed. I regret now that I didn't listen bad reviews. .. Look at that picture. It happened one week after I installed. :( only thing I was lucky was my baby wasn't with me i while I was driving.

  • Paul Lambert - Good piece of equipment for senoirs.

    Solid and well made. Easy to assemble. DVD is easy to follow. I think this piece of equipment is an excellent choice for seniors. Probably not the best choice if you are younger and trying to build up muscles. Paul L

  • Kevin - Read the instructions

    Guy moment- read the instructions before giving up. I tried installing and it didn't fit. I was about to give up and decided to actually read the instruction book. Fits snuggly into my 97 Ranger and works as expected

  • John Hazard - This is great stuff. The name says it all

    This is great stuff. The name says it all. You spray it on, and in no time all the mold and mildew is gone, and it stays gone for months. It truly lives up to it's promise. I've told many friends about it, and they are using it now.

  • Gabrielle - Super cool idea

    Super cool idea, but falls short of expectation big time. Used as the directions stated, found that it is not as strong, nor pliable as described. Tried fixing and mending quite a few things around the house, let cure for 24+ hours to find it will bond to surfaces etc, but not for long. For example: making a new small nob for a window closing crank. After curing 24 hours I attempted to test it out. It fell off after 2 turns, didn't bond well at all. Next I tried reinforcing a loose and wobbly door hook and latch, found the same problem to be present, however it is still working. Just still loose in the screw hole a bit. I have 3 pouches left, so I will try another task with different variables in the near future and update my findings. So far really not impressed :(