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  • wagner82 - Simply amazing!

    This was my first Penelope Douglas book and what a whopper to start with! I mean, wow! I absolutely loved everything! Then and Misha were perfect and I connected so deeply with Ryen. I can't wait to discover more of Penelope Douglas' work!

  • Heather belle - Heart is where the heart is --Thea Astley

    Gave this to a friend who is starting to travel more. She has found the book delightful. This trading material might even spur her on to read literary fiction. She is a doctor bit has never had enough time to catch up on the classics, let alone look at what is out there today. Having lived most of my life in 'foreign' places, I eagerly await each year's book in the series. I think 2011 was my favourite.

  • Robert - Not the best but would work great as a mono ear piece x2

    They sound great when they work but in my limited experience only one of the bear buds work consistently. The other cons and goes. The fit in the ear okay and didn't fall out that easily so that was a plus