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  • shmine21 - Awesome!

    We get this every year and take advantage of the many deals it has. Would never go to Vegas without it.

  • Reba Meagher - Awful. Made me SICK.

    I took 3 of these a day for about a week, and I started noticing some serious stomach pains. At first I thought it was because I had come home from college so I was undergoing a huge diet change. But after one day of my experimenting and not taking these, the nausea went away and so did the diarrhea. So I tried once more, and just took one at night for the first time in a day. In just 20 minutes the nausea came back and I was in the toilet for hours. Safe to say I threw these and the $7 they cost at the drug store away. Can't be all THAT surprised that they made me sick though, considering they look like someone a 6 year old girl might make a beaded bracelet with.

  • Impetigo - Great antenna to replace horrid stock whip antenna

    I almost spent thousands of dollars more to get a Sienna Limited this past weekend but ended getting a XLE. One of the reasons I was considering a Limited, which isn't really what I wanted anyway, is that the Limited doesn't have a horrible, eye sore of a whip antenna mounted on the fender like it was straight out of the 80s. I knew I had to try the Stubby even if it meant worse FM reception since I wanted something in the antenna hole.

  • Kase21 - Five stars with a caveat

    UP FRONT CONCERN; if you take antidepressants you should definitely consult your doctor and pharmacist prior to using garcinia cabogia. I cannot stress this enough.