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  • CeeCee - Love it!

    I absolutely love it!!! Super classy and chic... Girly but not with a feel for a young girl (I am 31). I get so many compliments on it!

  • James C - i just wanted to see my kin like in the description photos

    i drive an suv and maybe its the distance between the mirror but i find it's kinda hard to see my kid in the reflection. i can see most of the back seat in the mirror. and that's too much. i just wanted to see my kin like in the description photos.

  • Ike in Maryland - This ball is hard

    Bought this ball thinking how can an Olympic ball not be great. It does feel great, but the players I play with find it hard and don't like to use it. I tried placing it in the clothes dryer (no heat) for a couple of hours to soften it (as I read on volleyball websites) but it still feels too hard. Maybe we are just a bunch of wimps!

  • anorangepersonality - Is the point to go fast

    I was able to have my daughter to do that but I told her that she was going through TO fast and slow down

  • Jonathan - Didn't Connect to Wifi/ Upgrade didn't Work

    I ordered it, waited 10 days for it to arrive. Opened it, followed the installation directions perfectly. Ran smoothly for the night. Woke up the next morning, tried to connect to Netflix, and the Evolution Kit wouldn't connect to WIFI, and it got progressively worse from there. Uninstalled it, and reinstalled it, worked for the night again, and when I woke up the same problem was occurring. Everything except connecting to WIFI seems to work, but either way its bull s***, and it seems to be a common problem with this product. Also, the Kit had me update my TV software before I plugged it in, and then once the Kit was active, it degraded my software back to the original TV software. Did they not test it before releasing it? SO PISSED. Way to go Samsung. You can't use the new SmartHub without an internet connection, so please tell me what the point of having this is, if it can't do the one thing it needs to be able to do. WTF?! All this stress to enjoy a product that's supposed to make life more fun and simple. What a crock of s***. The next one better work, or I'm done with Samsung products. RitzCamera compromised a return shipping cost with me, and I am satisfied with their customer service!

  • Lawrence S. A. Panzarella - Not for me

    If you don't use your knives often, this might be an ok deal...some people just dont care. Otherwise, I wouldn't suggest these knives. They are too flimsy, the handles are made of cheap plastic and they are serrated. It would be worth it to spend a little more and get something with better quality handles, better steel, and non-serrated edges. These knives are not up to the standard of Henckels knives, or Japanese stainless(where they are made).