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  • Jim K - ... this for 6 months now twice a day just like it says

    I've been using this for 6 months now twice a day just like it says, and I definitely have more hair but not quite as much as I had hoped I'd have by now, it does say most men see results in 4 months, my derm told me it could take up to 12 so we shall see

  • Melvin Ah Ching - A 1972 Single in the Top 10 Today?

    This is a great song from 1972, one of the last singles by the band Badfinger. All of their songs released on Apple Records are good. This is good. It's 40+ years old. I guess this is what happens when newborns discover our classic rock via TV and movies. Good show.

  • Toni Mom of Boys - Better Butter!

    I've read about the benefits of Shea Butter but never really bought into it after trying some one time. The memory of that was a hard to use solid mass that did not "Butter" at all.

  • Zihuatanejo - Cheeky company

    These guys have my purchased stored away in my adobe locker where they can clearly see what kind of purchase I have made and when and what I bought. However they leave out the place to download the product from. Apple snubbed these guys because they were a bunch of jerks most likely. After seeing they had hid the links I agree. I can buy software from a lot of companies that give me a link forever to what I bought from them.

  • budgetmama - Compatiblity?!?

    Was SO excited to receive this software. Been a Quicken user all my life. CD says it's for Windows 7, but mine won't even download! :( Was pumped to get this baby downloaded immediately and get going with a new fresh start and now I can't even get it to read on my computer to download! :( REALLY bummed! Here's to figuring out how to get it downloaded.