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  • Lindy A - Roxio Creator a Real Lemon

    I would love it if it worked the way it should. Hard to set it up also to get it to burn Dvd's Finally got it to work then after the computer crashed had to set it up all over again. I had a hard time with it but after the second time the computer crashed it didnt work for more than a full year. It has been over a year since it stopped working. I now can get it to copy discs and to make music data discs(CD's). I dont know if I will be able to get one of my videos on it anymore. It now finally works fine in copying DVD's and Cd's without a problem . So being without having an application that will create a DVD has backlogged me quite a bit. If the application worked I would give it at least 4 stars but due to the fact it has been dormant and also I dont have anything else that will burn Dvd's I am being generous to give it two stars. I dont hate it other wise I would give it the one star. It is not a good application and came with very little instructions and no help from the company that produced it. If you want to take a gamble and buy this product my suggestion to you would be to buy it only if it is very cheap. This way you wont feel too badly if you wind up trashing it.

  • Jenn M - Great Product!!!!

    I bought Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste last year to clean my oven and it worked well. We are finishing up a remodel and today I stained the trim around the fireplace. When I took the frog tape off I could not believe that the stain was all over the travertine tile. I tried a couple things and nothing worked. I saw the Paste sitting in the cabinet so I grab it a long with some q-tips. I applied it to a tiny area and much to my surprise the miniwax wood stain came right up. I applied the paste to the rest of the area then went over it with a small toothbrush. This product saved me!!!!!! I will be trying this on many things now.

  • Kyle Talty - I'm absolutely livid.

    I bought this about a month ago for Christmas. When my current subscription ended recently, I went to download this one. When I put in the disk, it prompted me to type in the product key. Problem was, I wasn't given one. I looked outside and inside the box multiple times. I checked every square inch of. The disc sleeve, the instruction card, and the Norton Zone advertisement...nothing. It looks like I have to buy a new one (multiple computers in the house, so I have to buy this one again). This seriously makes me consider never buying another Norton product ever again. Hopefully I don't get a virus on my PC until I can get a new anti-virus.

  • Amazon Customer - Pop every day away!

    I bought this for my little girl, since she LOVES bubble wrap. I received a discount on this in exchange for my honest review. It arrived quickly, and in a big roll. It's essentially a linear calendar printed on cardstock with a bubble wrap overlay, and it works EXACTLY as advertised. She loved it!

  • Maureen - Every part of this cleanse is disgusting. The green shake with the drops

    Every part of this cleanse is disgusting. The green shake with the drops, terrible taste! The green shakes wouldn't be bad but when you add the drops to it. Terrible, for 3 times a day for 10 days. AWFUL! The fiber drink is disgusting and clumpy! The amino acid pills that you take 3 times a day (5 of them) each time put a huge strain on your kidneys and bladder. I could feel it, the strain, it hurt so bad! NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BODY! NOT WORTH THE MONEY!

  • Sallie P. Cauchon - Should have taken my taxes to a CPA

    I had a trust and the trust had a partnership. The turbo tax did not give me the options I needed to use. Also I have an annuity and turbo tax kept asking me on and on and on a dozen times did I have the correct numbers down. I am going to have to take my taxes to a CPA. The turbo tax did not have what I needed. The K-1 it generated did not fulfill my special needs.