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  • Roalbert Sanchez Pena - is easy to use and well functional

    Thanks for the the Spy pen product. I've done well with the spy pen, is easy to use and well functional. I just bought another pencil and ask that you buy the first time I gave it to a friend who wanted. What's more, this I will buy have not received as a friend and wants to Him. Really the pen In well friendly, congratulations on that product.

  • lm2m - Fun!

    I'm a complete newbie to any video games, so I find this to be fun and no real complaints. I like the 20 and 40 minute work outs as well as the singing feature, which came in quite handy when I sprained my ankle recently so while I couldn't dance, I was able to blast out tunes, which drove my kids away so I had some nice time to myself. Coulda/shoulda they have more and more recent songs - absolutely, but I'm inclined to be more charitable since they did include Troublemaker.

  • Blondie - Why do I keep trying?

    I've been analyzing the reviews of a few of the different cellulite creams. I've noticed the positive reviews seem to be by reviewer's with one or few reviews in the past; though, they are noted as "amazon verified purchase", for whatever that's worth. This is the pattern for the -Slim Extreme 3D, Slim Fat Girl Bliss & Finulite-all of which I have tried with little to no improvement. Note: I am in my mid-30's have worked out regularly for over 15 years, follow a healthy diet & drink plenty of water. Unfortunately, I've been plagued with cellulite since my teen years-thank you to my parents-for passing along that gene :). I saw minimal change/difference with this cream after a month of regular use with massager.

  • Donald Michael Platt - refund

    I ordered two bit defender products but could not download them due to glitches in my computer. I immediately asked for a refund.

  • janicella57 - only option for a river knife

    If you want a knife that attaches to your PFD then NRS is your only option. It has a good design and works well but the quality of the blade is definitely lacking. My brother is a raft guide and has the same one and loves it. If you are looking for higher quality maybe try the titanium one.

  • Teresa Little - I bought one and it does t do a good job at all

    I just saw. A commercial for this razor. I bought one and it does t do a good job at all? No better than any other women's razor. Especially if you wanted to use it for facial hair. Not any better than there. Might as will use the little trimmer for for 9.99 and throw it away when it get dull

  • Christopher Robin - Good product. Beware of shipping process!!

    Good product. Works. Does what it says. I think, though, that both the FedEx delivery guy and I would encourage a rethinking of the packing process. All arrived in leaky, gooy, oily mess. But, the bottle wasn't too empty so it must stop cardboard box leaks as well!