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  • Robert - Drink

    Not too impressed with item. For tea it is a little bit too pricey and effects are very nminimal but still easy to use

  • Shru - Disappointing lately !!

    this product used to work so well for me previously, but not any more. I was a huge fan, until my recent purchase (a 16 0z bottle about 3 months ago). I bet their is some change in the product, and its not as effective as it used to be before. Earlier it would bring out the hair ingrowth within a day or 2 and most of the time it would not even allow formation of hair ingrowth or bumps, if I had applied this liquid right after shaving/waxing. But now some of my ingrowth take more than 2 weeks to clear out.

  • D. BRADY - Transformer

    It's nice if you have perfect skin already. It doesn't cover flaws very well. Will use this in addition to my bare minerals, but will not order more.

  • Lara Gome - Good Product, I am Very Happy.

    It works as advertised. Nothing is exaggerated,the decent device with strong software. Might be confusing for certain people (read some reviews here) but awesome as a multi-functional tool. I need to turn on the Bluetooth all the time which is eating up my head. Frequently gets switched off which needs to be solved. Overall compatibility is good. All my colleagues have one each and it works with all types of phone. We are expecting many more improvements in the future. It deserves to be at the top for its uniqueness.

  • Christine - Fantastic

    I can honestly say that I never thought it would work as well as it does. I am so impressed with how long my drinks stay cold. I love that it is lightweight and my soda easily fits inside of it. I work in a very hot room so being able to keep my drink at the right temperature was very important to me. I was given this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. 


    BEST DRINK BEFORE A WORKOUT!!! No jitters or anything. Just yummy tea that gives you an extra "get up and go" that you need.