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  • Arlette - Hillary will be just as bad!!!!

    I wish everyone in America would have watched this before the 2012 election and maybe he would not have gotten a second term and America would not be in the SHAMFUL STATE AND CONDITION that America is in today!!!!! WHAT AN AWAFUL SHAME WHAT HE HE DONE TO THIS COUNTRY. This movie called it and was right on the money!!! Worst President in History!!! And I thought Carter was bad!!!! But this guy has him beat!!!!!

  • Brenda Angomar - It came clean and intact and the stories are great!

    I had to get this for an ENC class and even after the class I love the book and want to finish reading the stories for myself.

  • Cynthia L. Crawford - Would be 5 star except....

    The directions are written horribly and make you set it up wrong. Make sure the label showing on the jumping surface lines up with a leg and is NOT in the middle between two legs as the picture in the directions shows. The error caused us extra hours in setup time and lots of headaches.

  • Shutterbug35 - Changes in Interface are Confusing

    I have always enjoyed using family tree maker. I have more than 500 people organized and have been adding little bits of history. This version of FTM updated an older one that I was using and had got familiar with. The user interface changes were very dramatic and it took me a long while getting used to the interface, Broderbund had kept the interface simple. Now I have a lot of features and a very cluttered Microsoft like interface that is bewildering. I also lost some of the features that I had gotten used to which produced dense circular layouts that I could put on a wall. Microsoft has got us used to whiplash when they change versions of Office and it was sad to see FTM go that way too. Chances are that the age group using FTM is an older lot and change is definitely harder for our grey haired brethren.

  • Nicole Westervelt - Doesn't match all the skin tones

    I purchased this product because of all the hype about how it matches to your skin tone and so after reading so many good reviews I brought the product and all it does is make my fair skin look orange! So i don't recommend this product to anyone with fair skin because it didn't work for me.