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  • Josh Hoffert - Paired with the Biotene PFB toothpaste this is a must have for CPAP users

    after I started sleeping with CPAP I started to expierence the most horribly, indescribable, dry and bitter mouth during the night and in the morning. It was so bad, I would wake up and not be able to get back to sleep.

  • Deb M. - So far so good!

    I bought the SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera for my school-age daughter who loves to capture and observe lizards, frogs, insects, etc. She wanted a way to get hands-free video without the hassle of setting her camera up and hoping the position is about right. After fully charging the device, watching the demonstration video on YouTube and downloading and reading the English Operation Manual from Spycrushers.com – she was ready to give it a try. She has used the spy pen a few times now and is very happy. She loves that she can just clip the pen to her shirt and go about her business of catching and observing critters. She has found it easy to use and has been happy with the quality of the observation videos she’s taken so far.

  • Charles Donaghe - Most favorite

    This has been my most favorite publication. Will continue for thje future. Keep up the good reads. Thanks you again

  • Kevin A. Teets - Just what I expected.

    My only Beef is no 5.1 sound.But just what I expected from C.S.N.Anyone expecting them to sound like the 4 way street era is a fool.They are a band that plays for the moment.A Jam type band that will sound different each time you see or here them.Being a musician myself I like that.I don't want to hear songs EXACTLY AS THEY SOUNDED IN THE STUDIO.If you want that go see one of todays million dollar lip sync stars like Madonna or whatever.I'll take old sometimes out of tune harmony singing because it is real.They could have done like many others do today and cleaned it up in the studio but there is Nothing worse than a live DVD Or C.D. that has been touched up in the studio to fix all the flaws.Kudos to the fellas.Seniors and still kicking.