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  • S. Bonilla - works great

    this product works great. it is also easy to use with our grace snugride 35 car seat, no issues whatsoever :)

  • K.J. Dogluv - IT WORKS

    Well, this particular container was broken/open when I received it and all over the box and all items in the box were covered with powder...but as for the product itself, I know it works, I've used it a few times in the past. It's rather annoying to use, but once down, yeah, it gets the fleas, alright. Try not to breathe it in. Remember to grind it into the carpet with a broom or your shoe or whatever, and remember to LEAVE IT DOWN for several days before vacuuming it up. A lot of it will remain down in the carpet fibers, don't worry. I like to have this on hand, so I ordered the big container which would treat my 600 sq ft apt 2 or 3 times. It kills fleas, ants, almost any bug that gets near it. It is not toxic, I mean unless your pet licks a bunch of it up, but they will not (probably) die. It's for carpet so... if your pet licks the carpet that is a separate issue! It's a little bit less "fly-away" than diatomaceous earth, which is a different substance and a finer grain powder. It's guaranteed, so try it.

  • Brent S. Ferguson - Zija = moringa oleifera formulated at it's best

    OK folks. This won't sound like a review so much as a factual report on moringa oleifera. Zija is formulated from the plant previously mentioned. This plant is knowin in over 37 countries for it's medicinal and nutritional value. The top hit on Wikipedia for it is "the tree of life".

  • Aschr - I HATE this crock-pot

    Let me start with saying, I HATE this crock-pot!!! I have an older version of this pot and love it. I cook a ton with it and wanted to add another for multiple reasons. I was super excited about the locking lid for travel and let me just say, that is really the only good thing about it. I purchased this July 2015 and have used it approximately 8-10 times. This pot is constantly cooking on high, even on the warm setting. I have cooked everything from baked beans, a roast, chicken, even used it as a warmer for bacon wrapped smokies for a party. EVERYTHING continues to cook where I have to turn it off for periods of time to cool down, then turn back on. I would never trust leaving this at home cooking with no one to keep an eye on it for one, I would be afraid my food would over cook, and two, I'd be afraid it would get so hot it my short and catch fire. I'm guessing the latter would most likely not happen, but I'm not taking any chances. I am past the return time for Amazon and am frustrated that I'm now stuck with it. I really did want it to work out. So, with all that, move on, do not purchase this!!!

  • Lisa - more for adults

    I never played this game when I was growing up. I'm 31 now, and I've had my ouija board for about 2 years. I origionally bought it for my 12 year old stepdaughter, and I was also curious to see if it would really work. Well, I found out quite a few things about the ouija board. One...it works...two...not for everyone...3...use it carefully......I myself cannot work the board. I've tried many times, and it just doesn't work. When my friend has come to visit, I've managed to get her to play, with a lot of begging, and it always works very well for her. I also pursuaded my mother to try it, and a neighbor, and they too got good results. It's been very enlightening for a skeptic like me. I don't really think kids should be playing without the supervision of an adult. I'd like to get one of wood, but the glow in the dark one is great too, especially when you want to turn out all the lights, It lights up really well, too bad it fades kind of fast though. Still, if you have any doubts about the spirit world, get yourself one of these and a partner, and find out for yourself! Just make sure you know what you're doing first and remember that it doesn't always work for everyone.

  • Peter - Gave me pause...

    Not normally a huge fan of John, but this song definitely gave me pause. Remastered, it sounds as clear and relevant as if it was recorded yesterday.

  • regina simmons - ) the houses are light weight so easily moved but yet sturdy enough for these big dogs

    I bought 2 of these for our dogs. I have a German shepherd that weights about 80 lbs. and a husky wolf mix that is about 60 lbs. the houses are plenty big for the both of them. Assembly took all of 20 mins per house with absolutely no tools needed.( I know the description stated that but I kind of doubted it.) the houses are light weight so easily moved but yet sturdy enough for these big dogs. They look awesome. For the price I consider it a really good deal.