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Welcome to Q-Based Healthcare - Raising the Quality of Life Beyond today's Medicine - Q-Based offers skin care products to treat a wide range of Human skin and Pet Skin ailments, as well as environmental cleaning and disinfectant products, with natural, eco-friendly ingredients.

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  • Louis - Cracking nuts with Hillary

    I bought this as a white elephant gift last year... My family is pretty conservative so this was a great laughter gift.

  • Barry Ennis - Shattered my expectations.

    My girlfriend brought home Cocofloss, and I tried it for fun. I thought it was made just to have the coconut flavor while flossing, but I have to say- it works WAY better than any other brand of floss that I've tried, and the flavor isn't some chemical attempt at a coconut flavor. It really tastes like fresh coconut! I mean... you've really got to experience it. Give it a try! I'll never go back. :)

  • Amazon Customer - the box looks great it sounds awesome

    Ok, i want to write this review about my fox acoustics box, the box looks great it sounds awesome,, before i bought this box i saw good reviews,, just a few bad ones, so i decided to buy one,, and let me tell you something guys,, this box does sound really good but the problem is that it doesn't like big bass👎🏼 6 months of use and it is cracked,, sounds bad i send an email to fox acoustics and Joe, reply back by saying that he was on the road, and that was a week ago and haven't heard from him again, so if you guys like big bass, i don't recomend this product, i have 2 sundown sa 12 and unfortunately the box is cracked.

  • David girgis - Works great!

    I use it on my Honda civic/mustang/Porsche/and Nissan and it leaves the paint nice and waxed looking(very very clean) every time! My Nissans paint is very worn in some spots like the roof, yet after washing(and several days after) it's still very clean and waxed looking.

  • Vickie from Queens, New York - IT'S A RIPOFF - BUYERS BEWARE!!!

    Not onldy did the product not work for me, the company is also fraudulent. When I called then before the trial period that the product did not work and would like to return it, they said I should use it till the end of the following month, and if possible finish using it since it takes about 6 weeks to see the effect. But unbeknownst to me they had deducted $189 from my account even before the trial extension was over. And they refused to refund my money. $189 for a lousy product is a rip off, and they know how to stick it to you. Your best bet is not to go near this company.