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  • Bruce W. - Its Like a Time Machine

    This software has saved my bacon on so many occasions. It is wonderful for "event driven" backup imaging, specifically prior to the installation of new software. It allows you to test the software and, if it does not work as expected or interferes with existing software, you can reformat your disk and restore it to the exact state prior to when you started.

  • Thomas E. Norris - Works for too many people I know

    I've personally had Zydot Ultra Clean work for me. As well as a few friends of mine. Only one I know that didn't pass showed me his report and it said he passed everything but Meth was over 25,000 ng (he should have fried out at 10,000!!) If you don't pass with Zydot you might check the labs credentials

  • T. Phillabaum - Disturbing Security Breach

    While I'm sure your child will love this do we really want to reveal our security secrets to the terrorists? I bet al-Qaeda is training the next generation with this very product. I am saddened to learn that Playmobile hates America.

  • Linda - No Light at the end of the Light Relief Tunnel

    I ordered the Light Relief and first i was sent me a unit that didn't work, and had to pay to have it sent back and then two weeks later they sent me a replacement WITHOUT INCLUDING THE EXTRA PAD WHICH I NOT ONLY PAID FOR, BUT HAD RETURNED TO THE COMPANY.

  • P. Michael - I like how it rotates internally and changes the colors with ...

    This little disco light works surprisingly well. I like how it rotates internally and changes the colors with the beat. I bought this at a discount for my honest review.

  • G. Jones - Nice device initially, Had some hiccups

    I replaced an RT-AC66U that we moved to use as an access point to have AC coverage everywhere. I like the RT-AC68U as far as the wire port configuration better than the 66U. On the 66U if you use the stand, the wire ports are facing up, with the 68U, the unit is vertical and the ports exit the rear of the unit, making a cleaner install. The menu is the same and I just copied my customized settings to not have to "re-invent" the wheel as far as port forwarding and such. My only issue is that with the EXACT settings as my 66U somehow - someway my DVR is visible from the internet and via my phone and tablets, but not while actually in the house over the LAN. With the AC66U I could see the cameras from both the Lan and internet. I may have missed a setting (but I don't think so) but I'm sure this minor glitch will be fixed in the first firmware update. I am much happier with the coverage of this unit as a Router and the AC-66U as a remote Access Point than i was with a Dlink-Dir-655 as my router and a Dlink DAP-1525 as my access point. I am a mixed environment of clients wired and 2.5/5 GHz wireless. I believe this router will be very usable for at least 5-10 years. My wireless speed when tested through speedtest.net is about double what it was before with the same device in the same location in the house. I don't think you can go wrong with this unit.

  • C Anderson - The shoulder strap stayed sturdy and the velcro lasted consistent use

    I used every day this bag while working for 18 months. It wasn't pampered in any fashion, and often found itself in rough conditions. Survived the winter of Virginia, summer of North Carolina and Brazil. Not once did water get into it and damage any material. And believe me, unexpected torrential downpour happens a lot in Brasil. Then ontop of that, it would dry fairly quickly. Often times friends would have books, pamphlets, and papers ruined, while mine were left perfectly dry. The shoulder strap stayed sturdy and the velcro lasted consistent use. It wasn't until 16 months that the front velcro started to fray a little, but it didn't worsen after that. But considering I opened this bag 25+ times a day for 16 months, it's not bad at all. There really is superb quality that comes with any Timbuk2 bag. The inside material held up extremely well. Mine is marked up from mens and other things I've put into the bag, but it never tore or failed in quality. I loved being able to adjust the shoulder strap. Some days while carrying around heavy stuff, it was nice to have it high, and some days it was nice to let it hang lower. It's quick and easy.