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  • Q&A: In Death Note, both main characters (L and Light) seem to be somehow evil. What are some of your thoughts on this? - In Death Note, both of the main characters (L and Light) seemed to be somehow evil. What are some of your thoughts on this?

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  • Will Travelle - So Far so Good...

    I've switched over to Kirkland from Rogain foam for a trial period. I have a generally dry scalp which the butane in Rogain did not help with. After 3 weeks the Kirkland has not caused significant problems for me...I will follow up after 3 months. Although the foam is much easier to apply and seems to soak into the scalp with more finesse-(and/or dries faster)- I find Kirkland a satisfactory economical substitute. I have seen continued growth with the switch. Currently coming up on my 7th month of total use (w/rogain) i have about 20% more hair. Not much but I was at stage 5 baldness- i had a little left at the bridge between the crown and frontal lobe but it was sparse so i didn't expect much. I had a life situation that i think contributed to some premature hair loss so i decided to give my dome a "second life" for a while. Its slowly filling in toward the front now so we shall see in a year. The trick to using the kirkland is to cut your hair short (just as you would if you wanted a good contact surface with rogain) and spend some time working it into the scalp. It is a bit oily but its not all that bad if you distribute the excess into the rest of your hair after working it in. Be smart about it and be good to your head. Cheers.

  • Techguru - Not worth the price tag.

    These are not for sensitive teeth and gums...not to mention they come without a tray, and the taste is horrid. They were difficult to open, made my gums sensitive for DAYS, and I noticed no difference after using the entire system. All in all, not worth the $30 price tag. Skip it and use the trays from the drugstore as I say they're no different.

  • Hank - should be called miracle ore

    I accidentally breathed in some uranium dust as I was grinding the sample into powder to use to clean my Three Wolf Moon Short-Sleeved T-Shirt(makes it glow). My arm I lost in Vietnam has grown back with an extra finger(index), my 'that's what she said' jokes make women expose their breasts to me, and I now have an extra child. I can only assume that these wonderful occurrences are attributed to the uranium ore, since I stopped drinking 1 Gallon Tuscan whole milk a year ago for reasons I can not mention on the internet.