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Country:, North America, US

City: -122.3558 California, United States

  • Karen Thompson - Smooth, Fresh Skin

    I really enjoy this product. However when I bought it at the mall it was much stronger. But also 3 times the price. Does a nice job refreshing the skin leaving it smooth and fresh. I will be buying this product from now on.

  • Rabid_Shopper - A great budget option - decent match for the Toyota brand

    Worked fine! I decided after the teenager has lost the second hubcap, I'm finished replacing them with the considerably-more-expensive hubcaps with the Toyota logo. I purchased a set of the four hubcaps for little more than one OEM hubcap would have been, and now I have three spares. It's really not that noticeable and the price was very reasonable. And now I have three more even if it does fall off - for some reason my left front tire likes to shed that hubcap. I ignored the instructions, fitted it around the inflation stem and gently kicked it onto the wheel with my foot...the beauty of buying cheap. It hasn't fallen off yet so - I call it an unequivocal success.

  • Dog's Best Friend - Great Complicated Love Story

    I love biographies of famous people, and this one didn't disappoint. The only reason I rated it 4 stars, instead of 5, is because part of the story got a little tedious, but it was just a small part. It was interesting to know what a good business man Desi Arnaz was. Also, Lucy and Desi were lucky to get in on the ground floor of television. After lackluster careers in movies, they found their niche and ran with it. I would have liked some photos of them spanning their lifetimes. That would have been a plus.

  • Cherries - This stuff is the BOMB!!!

    I was cleaning out my kitchen cupboards recently and came across a bottle of this stuff. My dishwasher and stove were in SERIOUS need of cleaning and nothing has worked, but after seeing this, I decided to give it a try on them. This stuff WORKS!! It KUT through all the KRUD (aptly named!!) in no time and my appliances look like NEW!! It worked so well, I bought a GALLON of it!! I use this all the time now! AWESOME STUFF!

  • Steven - Mixed feelings

    The installation was pretty easy. I needed the JBL adapter and when I finished the blue tooth audio for my phone lacked the quality from the stock install. The GPS is not bad although it takes a little getting used to. I drove from San Diego to Maine and it worked good enough, however I turned off the turn-by-turn because it was annoying. Also, when the directions are on and a road has a lot of turns though mountains or something the path cuts corners and just connects a couple of points on the road. That is pretty janky. The AM/FM and bluetooth audio work well and sound fine. It is expensive though! I am not sure if I would recommend or not because it does look good in the car and has a nice big screen. I don't think there is anything on the market that would fit so nicely in the console either.

  • Dogonets - missing pages in kindle version

    Currently the first page of every chapter of the kindle version is blank. It makes very difficult to read. No idea what the issue is, but I hope someone will tell me how to fix it. Issue fixed. Book was good, but not great. Looking forward to the next one in the series.