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  • RONNIE J BEVER JR - This is the best glass cleaner that I have ever used

    This is the best glass cleaner that I have ever used. I have a lint free paper shop towel that I use to dry and clean the foam from the windshield. I don't use any thing else. The price was a bit high, but I considered it a bargain as I didn't have to make a special trip to the store.

  • Conrado - Best Dash cam

    I bought this camera because I drive through the city to and from work every day and most of the drivers are a little crazy. I wanted to make sure if someone hits me (or people crash in front of me) that I have it on camera. This does a very good job of capturing everything going on in front of you. You need to be fairly close to a car to read the license plate but the whole scene is very crisp. I'm impressed with how much video it can hold and I like that I can disable the audio. (No one deserves to hear me singing...)

  • Alex T - It actually works... HOPE RESTORED!

    I don't think I've ever written a review before, so know that this is a big deal. It's going to be long too.


    I purchased the Wenger for its telescopic pointer, and let me tell you, I can point SOOOOOO good with this thing! I'd say it increased my pointing efficiency by at least 37.892%!

  • Mike D - SCAM! Mat/Wire had no continuity!

    If you know anything about basic electricity, you'll know that you need continuity from ground to your feet in order to be grounded. When I recieved this item, I took out my Fluke 189 multi-meter ($400 meter I use for work just about everyday). I looked to see what the resistance was from the ground prong (that you stick into ground in your home receptacle), to the metal on the pin connecting to the earthing mat. It was OPEN!!!!!!! This means you are in the same exact position lying on this mat in your bed, as you are lying on your bed without it! If it was just this, I could understand. Maybe the wire was open, because of a manufacturing defect. No biggie. Then I looked at the resistance on the mat itself. One side is straight rubber-type material. Obviously this side wasn't conductive at all, and was completely open between any two points. The other side was less rubbery, and was STILL open between it, and the metal plug that the wire plugs into. This product is a failure in LITERALLY every single possible way. Please think for yourself, and realize that this product is a scam.

  • juki654 - Can't transfer license if your computer crashes

    I bought this software in June of 2012. In Oct. of 2013 that computer it was installed on crashed, and needed to be replaced. When I talked with the Microsoft people, they told me that even though I managed to delete Microsoft Office from the crashed computer, it didn't matter. I would still have to buy a new license to use it on my new computer.