Professional Education | Learn. Share. Advance. - Canadian Blood Services' professional education website is the trusted source for health-care professional education materials.

  • Overview | Professional Education - The Canadian Blood Services professional education website integrates relevant and current educational resources for health-care professionals in the areas of transfusion medicine and organ and tissue donation and transplantation.
  • Clinical Guide to Transfusion | Professional Education - With great pleasure we present the new online edition of the Canadian Blood Services’ Clinical Guide to Transfusion. This Guide is an educational resource for health care workers on the provision of blood products and transfusion medicine services in Canada.
  • Platelet utilization and inventory management best practices | Professional Education - Current practices at Canadian Blood Services require that platelet units be stored no longer than five days prior to transfusion. This short storage period results in very challenging inventory management and many platelet units being discarded.
  • Platelet Transfusion, Alloimmunization and Management of Platelet Refractoriness | Professional Education - Platelets are the smallest of the blood cells, with a diameter of 2–3 µm and no nucleus. Their main function is to mediate primary hemostasis, though they are involved in a number of other processes including primary immunity, tumour progression and inflammation.
  • Canadian Critical Care Forum (CCCF) Deceased Donation Symposium | Professional Education - The Deceased Organ Donation Symposium is designed for the growing number of physicians in Canada who have an enhanced focus on organ donation. Other physicians and health care professionals wishing to advance their knowledge and clinical expertise in the area of deceased organ donation are welcome to attend. The program will review current clinical practices and advances in the science of organ donation medicine, including fundamentals, emerging topics and evolving research. The seminars provide a unique opportunity to meet Canadian and international critical care experts and donation physician colleagues from across the country.

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