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  • Barbara B. - Best SAT prep book. Period.

    Gruber's is by far the best SAT prep book around. I am a mathematics tutor (K through Calculus, 25+ years), and this is the only SAT prep book I recommend to my SAT prep students. As well to as my own children, when they are preparing for the SAT!

  • Old Geezer - Am I the only one?

    Am I the only one to have seen the self-help message in this incredibly useful tome? Shortly after first opening its pages and beginning its 273141-step self-improvement program, I lost over 173 pounds, added $437822 to my yearly income (working only part time!) and lowered my blood cholesterol by 65891. And, I've nearly stopped using heroin.

  • Luis Carlos - It did not do any miracles for me.

    I used it in the bathroom and I was expecting it to destroy mold build up a la clorox style, but it needs to be wiped off. I don't know if the process of me wiping is what is helping to remove the mold or if this product helped a little. For all I know, water and wiping would've worked.

  • Jennifer Savage - Great tool...

    This was the perfect addition to our wood shop. Really, this is simple to use, and comes with a video to show how many uses this little gem has. We do a lot of wood joining, i.e. shelving, small furniture, picture frames, and I just think this tool has so many applications! Please watch the video or go to the website and watch the infomercial because there were a few applications they suggested that I had not considered.

  • Amazon Customer - Always a good read

    I try to read each new edition of The Best American Essays, and I like that it brings together great essays from multiple sources. It introduces me to new authors, and I often buy individual books by some of the authors. It's always a worthwhile read, though with each year, your enjoyment will vary depending on how your taste lines up with the editor's.

  • Bradley Darrell Summey - This is a great product. Ignorant reviewers have reviewed this product because ...

    This is a great product. Ignorant reviewers have reviewed this product because they don't like its theme, which is not the purpose of reviewing products on Amazon. I have reported them for that reason. Can't wait until this joker is out of office! This calendar is hilarious, and actually serves a purpose in a humorous way. Ignore the Liberal goons who don't understand product review guidelines.

  • arabie102408 - Worth gold!!

    Love this stuff!!!! Works wonders on my twins! Spent many nights up with them suffering from gas. Since we have started using this we sleep much better. Highly recommend to parents of newborns!