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Political News and Opinion from a Multicultural Point of View on Politic365 - Politic365 is the premier digital destination for politics and policy related to communities of color. Not only do we create a positive media outlet for the empowerment and enrichment of our elected officials and community leaders, we also provide a venue for the exploration of issues important to our communities.

  • http://politic365.com/category/policy-2/economy/ Economy | Politic365 - Get the latest developments on the production and consumption of goods and services and how it affects the Black and Latino Communities.
  • http://politic365.com/2016/10/24/confronting-zika-is-a-job-for-everyone/ Confronting Zika is a Job for Everyone | Politic365 - In fighting Zika, Pfizer is working to connect resources with expertise, with the goal of amplifying public health capabilities of government at all levels.
  • http://politic365.com/2016/10/24/the-federal-renewable-fuels-mandate-should-be-revamped/ The Federal Renewable Fuels Mandate Should be Revamped | Politic365 - Force blenders to collect RINs instead of being free to sell them to other parties. It would reduce cost down and eliminate artificial price pressures.

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  • hammer - yes! a product that works

    Ordered with a stage 1 kit, works just as they claim. Had a little trouble with the stock throttle position sensor fitting, gave tab a call...problem fixed, the stock plug has a purple cover that needs to be removed for proper fit. Took the 20 min ride to auto calibrate the unit. Popping and stutter went away in 10-15...well made OEM style connectors...nice product tab!!

  • Kindle Customer - nail file works much better

    Unfortunately this takes forever to work. My nail file is ever so much faster and more efficient. Be nice if they'd update and give it some guts. Definitely a waste of money imho.

  • Carlos and Lindsey - So good, you'll need to hide from the kids and yourselves - but they are sugary!

    I have a malabsorptive issue after stomach surgery and need to keep my vitamin B levels elevated to allow it to be absorbed at all times; availability essentially. It's important that I have supplementation at all times, but I've gotten so tired of sublingual tabs and pills; the gummies are a great alternative. The ingredients are gluten-free and vegetarian, which wasn't a huge concern for me, but is so important for others. The issue with that is, wouldn't most people who want gluten-free or vegetarian products be concerned about their diets and want to avoid the sugar in these gummies as well? Because, and it's a good thing for me, these are sweet; they are just like eating grocery store fruit snacks; as in, enjoyable to the effect where you NEED to KEEP these AWAY from kids because they are essentially candy. Be wary! But that's not an issue for me, I'm happy with that, but I feel like that needs to be said for anyone who has kids that could get into these if you, say, leave the child-safe lids opened.

  • Rebecca Paschal - Hope it works for you---made me SO sick.

    I was so eager to try this and had such high hopes for it. Oh my goodness---every single time I took this it made me SO nauseous!! I pretty much have an "iron stomach". Nothing bothers me--but--WOW--made me do sick each time. No matter what I tried--eating/not eating/time of day...nothing worked.

  • manny - great buy no regrets

    I gifted this item for my sister dam now it makes me want to get one for myself it makes watching tv shows and news on the tv worthy and much better than a pc

  • Sarah Brownell - Fabulous informative book on a very important topic

    I am studying this book thoroughly and plan to follow it to the letter once I am fully informed. I was a heavy user of many antibiotics from age four throughout my life (I am 63) starting with treating bladder infections about every 2 months due to sexual abuse which NO ONE suspected. As a result, I lost my ability to make an important probiotic: oxalobacter ferminges. I developed kidney dtomes made of oxylates and even had to have a kidney removed. My nephrologist put me on a "low oxylate diet" to "save my life" and now I know that diet caused malnutrition and multiple other problems. I think my problem is systemic candidiasis, and if I explicitly follow this book I can cure myself AND become able once again to manufacture my own oxalobacter ferminges and stop having kidney stones. I am a true victim of the Western medical system and have hope I can beat this condition in the nick of time. Hope with me, please.