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  • Cyndi Jones - Good, but not what I was looking for

    Seems like a good product, but not exactly what I was looking for. Was expecting something similar to cable, but it's more like a library of tv shows and movies online. Kind of set up like Netflix, really visually oriented interface. You can either browse the shows/movies by category or search for specific shows, then they take you to full episodes of the show or somewhere you can watch the movie for free.

  • Noelle B - Comfortable mouse pad!

    Ordered this for a person in my office. Coworkers tried it and liked it so much I had to order 7 more! Keeps your wrist in a comfortable position, doesn't have the "wrist bump" that other mouse pads have so the mouse can move freely over the entire pad.

  • zhang tingting - Legit product!

    I'm not sure how this is happening but im amazed! I have had this awful dip at the top of my rear, for some reason it's just not full and I'm a full size 16 nice curves and all. I've tried everything and squats. Nothing has filled In that area for me, bits just a slice that makes it look like I have 2 butts. I have used this for 1 week and a half and my jeans no longer have space and I am rounding out already. I'm not using the pills, just the cream and I can't say enough how great this is helping me feel.