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  • Amazon Customer - Will not disappoint

    I had this book in my to be read library. After reading some negative reviews about this, I decided to start on something else. I couldn't get into it so I reread the reviews on this book again & just saw how many stars it was. Although their was negative feedback that would've you not want to read it, I'm glad this time I ignored it. I don't understand the negative feedback at all. This book is amazing & I immediately bought books 2, 3 & 4. Do not listen to these negative reviews

  • Cheapskate - Well short of Strauss and Howe

    Pre-Purchased "Big Shifts Ahead" with great anticipation. Upon completion, I'm left wanting much more. Big on data, authors Burns and Porter fail to deliver analysis. Most extrapolation is linear with few exceptions. Much easier and compact read than Strauss and Howe's towering research projects, this book fell far short of what I consider the standard ("Generations").

  • M. Woo - Hurts hands

    I love it. I bought this at REI after staying the night at a hotel in Tennessee where the water tasted so metallic I could hardly brush my teeth. The filter was probably overkill, meaning the Tap version might have been good enough. However, I love it. We used it and used it, and even good tasting tap water tasted awesome after using the filter.

  • Mr. James R.C. Adams - I love the New Yorker magazine

    I love the New Yorker magazine, but I'm afraid the corporate intention is to replace it with the electronic version. I rarely use that method, but do so occasionally when I'm away from home. I find it difficult to read on my Galaxy, because of the size of the font. If I enlarge it, I must scan back and forth to read the text which is now too wide to see all at one time on my little screen. I'm glad that the New Yorker is available on my Galaxy, but I don't expect to use it much.

  • Scott Hayden - Kestrel 2500NV weather meter

    This weather meter works as noted with no suprises. I've used this for 2 hunting seasons now with no problems.