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  • Ran Swift - Great shipping! Good product!

    Product was what to be expected, didn't fit my car perfect but works, will do business with them again good service.

  • Paulette Hoffman - Not much relief

    I put it on my knee 3 times a day as directed but got no relief. I continued for about 2 weeks but still no relief. My husband tried it on his shoulder and had some relief but that was minimal. I tried blue emo and got relief after the second using. Would not buy this again.

  • Brad Mills - What a crazy and cool technology. Practical for not obstructing your hearing.

    I'm an early adopter of new technologies, and much like VR - it's hard to describe the experience of using bone conduction for sound.

  • stephen newmark - invisible

    I used McAfee prior to trying this product. In my opinion this product is far superior. The messages are clear and the interface is just about invisible. This program also does not slow my computer down as much as the other.

  • JimmyS - The LifeEar is a much better value

    My dad's $3200 hearing aid died and he didn't want another expensive unit. I bought both a perfect choice and an Lifeear hearing aid. My dad says the lifeear has similar settings as the high end unit it sounds even better! Oh and the LE is $250 less...

  • Kathleen S. - Not as good as the original type

    I have been using the ORIGINAL Salonpas patches for years, wouldn't buy anything else. The new patches, on individual papers, no ribs on the material are not up to the standard of the originals. They do not last as long, they do not provide as much relief and the worst part is they do not stay attached to the skin as the old type did. The minute you sweat, or even get warm from outdoor temperature, they come off. All you need do is touch them when your warm and they buckle and are no longer stay on. I am hoping I am able to find the old type on line or in a store, but if not, will have to find a new brand. This was the best and quickest relief I could find and bought plenty in the years I've used them. You should go back to the original type or at least let the consumer choose the type they prefer.

  • Debbie Alexander - I did read some people were not happy since it doesn't work for your toes

    It does exactly what it claims to do. I have no problem painting my nails and the awkwardness of trying to hold the bottle was gone. I did read some people were not happy since it doesn't work for your toes, but really? I don't see the need for such a thing for my toes. It would seem silly. Love it and would highly recommend it.