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  • A Customer - Good Product but should be Integrated into a Utility Suite

    It's a Good Product but should be Integrated into a Utility Suite. It should be part of an antivirus protection package. Other than that criticism, it has been quite effective in keeping our computers safe.

  • Ilja Friedel - Handles 457 contributions wrong, asks to overpay by 5k

    I am pretty lazy: while our returns are simple (no house, no stock, no dependents), I like the convenience of using a program to fill out the forms. I have used Turbo Tax for years and have grown to dislike it. This year I bought H&R Block and Turbo Tax and did the returns with each of them. Both programs arrived at the same amount for my Federal and CA returns. On a second return H&R claimed that 4+k taxes were due, while Turbo Tax computed a refund of 1+k. Fiddling with the numbers the difference was due to H&R Block not realizing that governmental employees have been able to contribute to 401k and 457 at the same time for many years now (which Turbo Tax asks about and handles correctly). It is easy enough to override this mistake in the worksheet of H&R Block, but doing so voids electronic filing. Turbo Tax annoyed me this time again with annoying up-sells and ads, but at least it got the numbers right. H&R claims to have a money back guarantee, but I am not holding my breath.

  • M.Yorke - The coconut shampoo both smells and hydrates better than this conditioner

    Not really nourishing. The coconut shampoo both smells and hydrates better than this conditioner. I have never used a conditioner that tangled my hair like this one does. Will not recommend to friends, however I LOVE OGX products, so this was a disappointment, I will stick to my normal OGX conditioner and shampoo

  • Laura B Rigby - Great mat for all sewing projects

    This mat is awesome, and really great to use for cutting flexible fabrics (like spandex) if you have a reason to do that. I don't use the cut lines on it as much as a quilter probably does, but I do just generally prefer to cut out my sewing projects with the rotary cutter on this. Using scissors just seems like a lot of work now...which sounds incredibly lazy to read back to myself, but I'm standing by it.

  • MrzMal - Love this conditioner

    I had been looking at these products for quite sometime as I was building my new regimen. I am African American and wear relaxed hair which is extremely proned to dryness. I'm very picky with what I use in my hair. I bit the bullet and tried the shampoo and conditioner lastnight and my hair loved it. I love the consistency and it didn't weigh down my hair. I let it sit a little longer with a self heating plastic cap. Rinsed in the shower hair was easy to comb and roller wrap. When I combed it down the next morning it was full of body and really soft.

  • Amy R. - Great protection

    I bought the white and peacock blue case for my new phone. Having had it for about a month now, I'm generally very happy with it. It's definitely solid and effective protection from tumbles and drops. I'm pretty clumsy and tend to drop my phone a lot, so that's the most important thing to meā€”just last night I dropped it from a standing position and it landed on its face, and because of the case's slight lip around the front, the screen was saved from impact. I've dropped the phone on its back, side, corners, you name it, and the case has done its job.