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  • George R. - Installations instruction do not match unit and part is damaged

    The installation instructions indicate that the units are separately marked front and back for use on a Jeep Cherokee and must be installed this way. Neither of the units has any marking on it indicating which is the forward unit and which is the rear? Nor are they marked to indicated that the bar itself should be mounted with one side forward. When loosening the bolts for installation one of the bolts is either broken inside or cross threaded and will not tighten to secure on the track. .

  • Wally - Still learning

    So far it is great. The book has a lot to offer. I have to go through sections multiple time to get them down.

  • Ram-O-Pedia - good meter but needs improvements

    Works good. Small, compact and easy to use. Little slow in setting up everytime but works if you follow the steps properly. The key is to keep everything ready and then start. Within a second of starting app, need to plug in the device and then insert the strip as soon as meter is recognized by the phone app.

  • Jenn - The headphones were great at first

    The headphones were great at first. I was able to get them turned on and listened to music with great quality; however, when I wasn't at home, I noticed that the Bluetooth function didn't work as well in some places. I bought them so I could listen to my music while jogging, but I never could get the Bluetooth to link up with my phone. Not sure if this is technically the headphones or just poor signal?

  • A.K. - Don't Love or Hate It

    If you hold it like a broom and expect it to perform like a broom (i.e. pushing crumbs and dust around, requiring something else to pick it up off of the floor), you're expectations are realistic. It's not heavy duty. I usually go around with a vacuum picking up whatever I can see, then Swiffer Sweep leftover fine materials like dust or whatever I missed the first time, then pick up whatever I gathered with a handheld vac. I have two Swiffer Sweepers for 2500 square feet of laminate wood floors. These cloths do not work good on rough or semi-rough surfaces because they are very light/dainty and would snag. If you are going to use a "wet" Swiffer, I would highly recommend the heavy duty Swiffer Wet Jet instead of investing in these lightweight mop cloths. They just don't work good compared to the Wet Jet. Then again, even the Wet Jet doesn't get floors as clean as I like and I usually have to hand-mop dirtier rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms -- around trim, appliances, toilets, and sinks.

  • Intheknow - Wake-up and smell the coffee (or the melon)

    Ladies, EVERYONE ages, even Cindy Crawford. She is mortal like everyone else. Her so called Meaningful Beauty products are no more effective than all the other garbage out there that promises "youth in a bottle." The secret/special melon or whatever it is that is grown ONLY in France is a scam. It's a melon. It does not translate into turning a 40, 50, or 60-something woman into what she looked like at 25. No such product exists short of a full face lift with extras, and even that isn't going to return you to what you looked like decades ago. I personally think Meaningful Beauty (is there another kind, like Un-meaningful Beauty?) is not worth a dime. How do I know? A friend of mine purchased a ton of it, including the skin cleanse. After she used some of it (and some of the other products in the line) with no visible results (and a lighter wallet), she gave me a few unopened products from the line (including the cleanse), and I used them. Guess what? No visible results. Oh sure, my skin temporarily felt a bit smoother but that can be accomplished with any moisturizer and/or skin brightener/cleanse product from your local drugstore. The results are very small and very short-lived. This stuff is hawked by Crawford who allegedly sees some chemist or someone like that in France (where the secret/special melon grows) and it's basically like every other skin care line. You aren't going to look like Crawford after you use it (there is always the vague hope that somehow these products will change our appearance for the better and also maybe some of the celebrity hawking them will rub off on us - LOL), and your skin will be no different than if you went to your local drugstore and bought a couple of these types of products. Don't buy into this stuff. It's like all the other stuff out there. Face the fact that you are aging. Everyone is. Even Crawford. I don't care how good she looks in the commercials; professional make-up and hairstyle and wardrobe does a lot for a person. Any one of any age. Crawford does not look like she did when she was 25. No one does!!!! I remember well her modeling days, her magazine photos, her commercials for other products, etc. She is an attractive lady, I grant you, but no one has a patent on youth. No one but the young that is, and they - like all of us 40 and beyond - are eventually forced to relinquish it. Spend your money on this if you have nothing else to spend it on, but don't expect some major transformation of your appearance. It's like any other product of it's kind.