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  • 4all2read - Humidity Monitor Way Off

    A company in the weather instrument business should be able to mass produce an accurate product, the humidity meter is way off. I have 3 other brands of meters that all read the same humidity. (They all read 42% plus or minus one.) This one read 34%. Yes same location, same time, and I let it stabilize all day.

  • TechieXP - great lube

    Works great on everything. I use it for my bike and it makes the chains feel slickery. No resistance. Cleans very good too. Just spray and wipe off the access. It does seem to attract dirt faster than other lubes I used. But because its teflon wipes off easy. Highly recommend if u neef a good lubrication. Better than TriFlow which was my favorite for years.

  • E. Witham - Don't waste your money

    I rarely write online reviews for products but this was the worst $6.99 I ever spent. The controls are terrible. The list of controls are multiple pages long. This is not a game where you can just relax for a few minutes. I give it one star because there is no lower rating.

  • ChiwawaMomma - Excellent to use with regular polish

    Its rare for me to find a product I like enough to leave a review but this product gets 5 stars from me. While Im sure the manufacturers didn't intend for consumers to use the product with regular nail polish, I find it works wonderfully. I love changing my polish often so I cannot say if regular polish will last for the 2 weeks they claim of the gel polish but I did get 7 days of beautiful nails with NO CHIPS. I suspect I could have gone at least 3-4 more days. I chose to use regular polish because the gel polish colors are limited and I have a nice investment in my regular polish that I didn't want to waste. I also find the removal is very easy contrary to what others have said of the gel polish removal. I wrap acetone soaked pads around my fingers with aluminum foil and wait about 5 minutes and this removes the top layer of gel and the polish and then the bottom layer of gel i gently scrape off with my easy and no damage to my nails.

  • Michele M. - Calming and nourishing

    I find this product well worth the price. It has definitely made a difference in my skin and a little goes a long way. It's refreshing to purchase a product that does what it says it will do.