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  • thunder1202 - While I like the shampoo itself

    While I like the shampoo itself, the bottle it comes in is terrible. The pump stopped working after a week of use. I took it out and tried to fix it to no avail, and then had to use the shampoo by pouring it out and of course it then finished too quickly! Buyer beware!

  • Carrie - Big Game Hunter 2012

    My son asked for this for Christmas - he loved it. It did not take him long to "finish" it though...he started asking when BGH 2013 will come out. I thought it looked very realistic...have been very happy with both 2011 and 2012.

  • john nix - Caused hair shedding with first 6 weeks of use but ...

    Caused hair shedding with first 6 weeks of use but then helped regrow new hair and slightly thicker. After 3 months got scalp irritation I don't know if it was related to product but most likely. Used T gel and Nizoral every 3 days to prevent scalp problems. Still effective product but will vary on user depending on what your genetically predisposed to with family hair loss.

  • louisa - Great book!!

    Great reference book for a beginner like me. It's very simple and understandable. I didn't know much about excel, and this book has built my confidence and has taken me to the next level. I feel so proud of myself when I can assist my Co workers with excel questions. They've noticed my excel improvement and are willing to improve their skills also...they're all going to purchase this book also!! I believe I'm ready for the next phase....thanks to my EXCEL BIBLE!!

  • Kenneth Merritt - Honest Review

    I like it. But it is just a little bit too tall. Need to trim about an inch to an inch and a half off the height of the box. It is also not a very tight fit, a little room for the box to move around. Other than that, it's a pretty awesome box. It looks great.... it was pretty well built... worth the money, that is for sure.