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  • Nicola_1202 - The blurb for Seducing the Marquess sounded great...

    ...Lord Devon and his wife Lady Eugenia are newly married, it's a marriage of convenience rather than one of love despite that not being what either craves, and when Eugenia finds the 19th Century version of The Joy of Sex she embarks on a sexual quest in making Devon fall in love with her.

  • noname - Catholic Bible

    Everyone should read at least the New Testament. Jesus gives us some lofty standards to live by. If everyone would read the New Testament and reflect on how they could improve their own interactions with other people, then there would be a lot fewer conflicts in this world.

  • Kindle Customer - This Product Does Work!

    I've tried this product for almost two months now and I have to say I've notice a significant amount of growth. The length in the front (bangs) has been stunted for years and no matter what hair product I've used it just didn't seem to matter or grow. I've even wore weave to give it some length but it only continued to damage my hair. It would grow a little and break off. Since taking this product my hair has grown at least 2 1/2 inches. My hair is stronger and I'm so very happy now. No breakage!!! This product does work. I will continue to buy and update you on my hair growth in the upcoming months.

  • Anonymous - I would like more of an explanation

    I just starting using this book to study today and it seemed to cover almost all of the information that I had to know and acts as pretty good preparation. The book overall seems to be well written and easy to understand.

  • Catherine - This cable brought me closer to god

    I was definitely skepticle when buying this cable like the rest of you, but let me tell you it is worth it. When i plugged this wonderful cable into my tv i was watching The Passion of the Christ. As soon as i resumed it, Jesus Christ stepped out of my tv and touched my fingertips. We then proceeded to go mini golfing, the went out for ice cream. It was fabulous.