Ben Hadded-Home|Contract Medicine Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company - Ben Hadded is an incorporated company, which has set up a state of the art facility for manufacturing of pharmaceutical formulations viz. Tablets & Capsules with installed plant capacity.

  • Ben Hadded-About Us|Third Party Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Pharma - About Us- Manufacturers and suppliers of antibiotic drugs, antimalarial drugs, antiasthamatic drugs, neuropathy, antidiabetic drugs, anti fungal drugs, nutraceuticals etc.
  • Ben Hadded - Manufacturing Unit Baddi|Top Pharmaceutical in Baddi, Baddi Pharma Companies - Ben Hadded(Contract manufacturing pharmaceuticals) has manufacturing unit(Factory) in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh(HP) & Head Office in Chandigarh.
  • Ben Hadded - Infrastructure|Pharma Suppliers & Distributors - Ben Hadded contract is a medicine manufacturing company in which we manufacture different kind of medicines either in the form of drugs and food.
  • Ben Hadded - Tablets|Top Pharma Companies in Baddi - Ben Hadded is a pharmaceutical tablets manufacturing company manufacture Etodolac, Olmesartan, Deflazacort, Rosuvastatin, cefixime, cefixime ofloxacin, cefpodoxime etc. tablets.
  • Ben Hadded - Capsules|Best Pharma Manufacturing company - We manufacture different type of third party pharmaceutical drugs in the form of tablet, capsule, sachet, syrups, dry syrups, suspension etc.We manufacture capsule like itraconazole, Aceclofenac & Rabeprazole, Diclofenac & Thicolchicoside, Acebrophylline.
  • Ben Hadded - Nutraceutical(Food)Product|Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Services - We are one of the largest manufacture of Nutraceutical Tablets that is a dietry or food supplement.
  • BEN HADDED-Nutraceutical Capsule|Contract Medicines Manufacturing Company - We at BEN HADDED manufacture nutraceutical capsules.Nutraceutical, is a food or food product that provides health and medical benefits.
  • Ben Hadded-Nutraceutical Sachets|Nutraceuticals product manufacturer - BEN HADDED is a pharmaceutical company which is situated in baddi, Himachal pradesh(Manufacturing Unit) manufacturing nutraceutical sachets which is used as a food supplement or food products.
  • Ben Hadded-Contact Us|Pharmaceutical Exporters|Pharma Companies - Ben HaddedSCO - 162, Top Floor, Sector - 38 C (160040), Chandigarh, India.Contact Person- Ms. Sarita Rawat, [email protected], Contact No- +91 931 678 3858
  • Ben Hadded - Top Selling Products|Top Pharma Companies in Baddi - Ben Hadded is a pharmaceutical company in which we manufacture selling products in the form of food & drugs(DCGI approved).

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