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  • Kindle Customer - Azo Cranberry Tablets

    These tablets assist one in going to the bathroom - a lot - almost as though they're strong diuretics. So, I only take one once in awhile. I took the suggested dose the first time out, and was awake all night going to the bathroom, then took one several days later with the same result. So, I will say they possibly work for what they're intended, The 3 packages I ordered at once will certainly last me for awhile, and believe they have improved my overall kidney function.

  • Munchkin - So-So

    I've had this security system for quite a while now and it hasn't detected anything. However, Microsoft Security Essentials popped up with 3 threats to my computer and Webroot had no clue. It just seems kind of funny to me that I go from having a computer that was constantly detecting threats to no threats at all. Overall, I haven't had any serious problems out of my computer due to viruses or any other bugs, but it is starting to act up a little and I'm not sure why because according to Webroot, I'm safe. Not sure I would recommend.

  • Brian - Good game, very short. :(

    It was a quality game. Very fun, but definitely much too short. Would've been nice if it was longer. Would recommend to anyone who loves Lego games

  • Arlene - Help yourself first

    The book was a recommendation of a physical therapist to one of my friends. I had severe back issues and could identify my frame from the drawings in the book. I began doing the exercises recommended, along with some medical treatment and now work with a trainer, I am considerably better. Anything but back surgery!